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  2. Moderate, bordering on heavy sleet at the moment.
  3. Latest HRRR shifts most of the snow way N&E and hits the Boston area pretty good.
  4. Well I sure hope not......the summers of 1991 & 1993 were both brutal. I certainly would not enjoy a summer like that on the way!
  5. Event Horizon

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    If that happens, I will froth at the mouth.
  6. Right off the bat with rain here along 78 in Hunterdon.
  7. Temp dropping nicely now.. Down to 27° w/ Lgt snow continuing. EDIT : Just flipped to all sleet! lol..
  8. Just got a report of snow/sleet in Dobbs Ferry.
  9. Upton just updated the WWA from 2-4 to 2-5.
  10. God darn it, I keep forgetting the Meso-analysis Page has the critical thickness plots ahaha thank you for reminding me!!
  11. Today
  12. Just be careful with taking the precip types verbatim, as it’s already raining as far north as Allentown, Pa, and sleeting in Hazleton, Pa. not sure where the warm nose is, though.
  13. thats band over orange county is good to start with for them
  14. Anyone have a radar update?
  15. Good luck up there! Your in a good spot for this one. 33/18 here hoping for a dusting before the cold rain eats it up.
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