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  2. Absolutely beautiful weather for the for seeable future as the Pacific Jet roars. While it won't get cold, it eint get hot either and the dewpoints will be nice and comfortable. Next 10 days are going to be the nicest we have had in a long time.
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  4. Morning thoughts… Today will be mostly sunny and pleasantly warm. High temperatures will likely reach the lower and middle 70s in most of the region. Likely high temperatures around the region include: New York City (Central Park): 73° Newark: 77° Philadelphia: 75° Normals: New York City: 30-Year: 72.3°; 15-Year: 73.5° Newark: 30-Year: 73.8°; 15-Year: 75.2° Philadelphia: 30-Year: 75.1°; 15-Year: 76.3° Tomorrow will be a very warm day.
  5. Tomorrow and Monday will be fair and pleasantly warm days. Afterward, a cold front could bring some showers or thundershowers to the region on Tuesday. The MJO had recently been locked in Phase 3 at a high amplitude, frequently in excess of 1.500. Only 2006 and 2009 saw the MJO in Phase 3 at an amplitude of 1.500 or above for 2 or more days during September 10-20. Both years saw September end with a cold shot that continued into the first days of October. Both days saw Central Park's temperature fall to 49° on September 30. The guidance has now come into better agreement concerning
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  7. Wow. Larry lead to the development of Nicholas? I learned something new.
  8. As of 5pm advisory, Sam is now an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with 140mph winds
  9. You would think but the models aren't showing it.
  10. Is that Typhoon Mindulle? Looks like East Asian Rule coming into effect with typhoon injection into the westerlies.
  11. Euro is way ots with Sam but then develops another low along the coast rather weak.
  12. I think Teresa forming in the Atlantic creates a weakness for Sam to travel though.
  13. I guess I shouldn’t be driving my self crazy looking 300+ hours out to the 8th lmao!! Sometimes i wish i was like regular folk to only see what’s on the tv haha. Gfs diff thing each run lol
  14. New foundland gets hit on the gfs and cmc. Why did the Ull shift northeastward on the models?
  15. I knew this was going to happen. Too many people not cooperating.
  16. I'm done with this f***ing country. Only in this stupid a** country do we cater more to MUH FREEDUM than public health. Done.
  17. Sam now a major Cat 3 hurricane as of 11am advisory with winds of 120mph
  18. This also goes for School Safety agents in schools. These people rather lose their jobs instead of taking the vaccine. They have to take the vaccine by next week. With my job , it's either vaccine or weekly testing. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftrib.al%2Flzz3mdh&h=AT2aHkKuKBWxVs_Fyc3U48IEdCsU4yPfYGoxO7p-iTe2iqpcYQBGBNvDnGys5bTm6qPujOOSQGOopCKIYokDfn9mo7Zo4bL3sbLUzn55rwP6wUffIGkBKnqx7GWyd7TdbDfkBcA2diOOwAGLJqrH
  19. Morning thoughts… Today will be mostly sunny and pleasantly warm. High temperatures will likely reach the middle and upper 70s in most of the region. A few locations could reach or exceed 80°. Likely high temperatures around the region include: New York City (Central Park): 75° Newark: 79° Philadelphia: 77° Normals: New York City: 30-Year: 72.7°; 15-Year: 73.9° Newark: 30-Year: 74.3°; 15-Year: 75.6° Philadelphia: 30-Year: 75.5°; 15-Year: 76.6° Tomorrow will be another sun-filled day.
  20. The CDC published two recent studies showing that masking in schools significantly reduces COVID outbreaks among children and staff vs. schools with no masking requirements (the article below summarizes the research nicely and contains links to the primary CDC studies). It doesn't eliminate risks of outbreaks, however, since, as I've said countless times since March of 2020, masks work to stop/slow transmission of the coronavirus, but are not perfect at doing so, given the varying quality of masks used, imperfections in mask wearing technique and inconsistency in use of masks in populations at
  21. Excellent article in the Atlantic by the Director of Emergency Medicine at NY Presbyterian/Columbia Medical Center on the fact that while vaccinated people can obviously still become infected and potentially transmit the virus that causes COVID, the likelihood of those events is far lower than in unvaccinated people. There has been confusing public health communications on this leaving some wondering if vaccinated people are just as likely to get and transmit the virus as unvaccinated people and the answer is clearly no, as the article explains, including links to relevant primary research on
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