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  2. 71 after a daytime high of 87 thanks to a brief shower. That cluster exiting Orange and entering NNJ looks pretty impressive.
  3. The high here was 92 today, it's dropped all the way down to 74 during this storm though
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  5. Last thing I’ll add in this thread for awhile - I might never know if what I had in Dec/Jan/Feb/March was COVID-19. But I’ll tell you I would rather be dead than go through that again. Not kidding.
  6. Just my opinion here - the problem is that the fundamentals haven’t changed. there is not a single treatment protocol that works for the majority. the population density of ny/nj is still number 1 & 2 and will not be changing soon. the reservoir of infected matchsticks from other states ready to drop on the powder keg of densely populated areas is expanding rapidly. many still refuse to wear masks. keep praying that this thing weakens.
  7. A late high of 95 here which is the current temperature.
  8. He usually is tho but agreed things could get ugly if people don’t follow the rules. Also be safe out there Tony.
  9. Torrential rain now. I've now seen rain in 7 out of the past 7 days.
  10. Agree - same for other NE states unless mask wearing goes up further...
  11. those sites are good, but I would say the Tallahassee Reports site is pretty good for graphs every day of FL cases/hospitalizations/deaths...
  12. Coronavirus News: New COVID cases in NY top 900 for first time in 3 weeks Cuomo worried
  13. High so far has been 88 for NYC. Had we been sunny from the start today we would have seen mid 90s around the area like Philly is seeing.
  14. Anyone who is interested should check out Texas's and Arizona's respective dashboards. They're very good tools to track hospitalization metrics, etc., as the positive tests continue to climb. Florida's dashboard is . . .well . . . lacking, and we'll just leave it at that; it's been down -- at least parts of it -- for several hours already and it doesn't have as much info as TX or AZ. Arizona: Texas: Florida:
  15. 2nd half of July looks more normal from what I've seen on Weatherbell maps lol....the park still struggles to 90 everyday for whatever reason despite many other surrounding locations easily soaring past it regularly of late. Whenever the launching pad is set in the 80s, it's almost certain to be a day that is off to the races!
  16. I’m outlying suburbs and at 96. I knew when it was 83 at 830 and 88 at 11 we were on track for a hot one. Definitely warmest day of the year. ....still waiting on that troughy below normal summer, any week now...
  17. I feel that NY will see a second wave, but more of hill than a mountain.
  18. Park at 87......I don't believe 90 was touched yet. Wow at the 96 in Philly!
  19. So far, this has more been the prevailing picture and has tended to abbreviate any heat here. We'll see which look actually unfolds. WX/PT
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