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  2. Quick Post - staying in the shadows, but I am very intrigued by the potential of 99L 12z (not including ECMWF at this point) do show a more OTS solution, however it is not as ENE and becoming more S/N orientation. HOWEVER - if that trough slows down at all, this would be an extremely close call. Keep your eyes open on this threat.
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  4. missed most of the action...light rain now...63 on the car thermometer...
  5. This event is very similar to the SEPT 16 2010 Storm which was the most intense storm I ever lived through when I lived in Rego Park in Queens NY. That storm was a Macroburst and it produced a tornado as well in Queens. a 122 knot wind was recorded 3 homes from me at that time. Thankfully I missed the worst of this one but I still got 60MPH winds. The NWS has to send a team out to survey the damage and the winds were probably 100-110mph.
  6. Newark ended the day with 1.13". Over 11 inches above average for the year so far. 3 inches above average for August so far.
  7. Good NYC/LI coverage @WxLover, @Adam, @ModRisk, @Intensewind001, @Psv, @dmillz25, @Snowman11, @Analog96, @Wxoutlooksblog, @Event Horizon tonight. Quite an event as it was & we appreciate the contributions.
  8. No matter what anyone says this year has been a good year for thunderstorms in our area
  9. These little storms will be training over Manhattan and Long Island it appears for several hours. They're all lined up. There should be plenty of flooding and travel is going to be difficult. Sleep also difficult with that occasional unexpected clap of thunder. WX/PT
  10. Weather related, kind of. The timing was just too good, lol.
  11. Was a lighting show in queens earlier tonight. Def one of the best storms of the summer.
  12. Midnight rainfall total of 1.17"... see what else we get overnight now.
  13. High for the day was 93 here. Picked up 0.10" of rain for the day. Current temp 72/DP 70/RH 93%
  14. There were two more trees down behind me in the last pic that I had to walk around, but power was out on that part of the road so I couldn't get a clear photo
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