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    To everyone who has viewed these posts, whether or not you've voiced your support, thank you. Thank you for following along over the course of one of the longest, most difficult periods that the world and this country have been through. Even if you don't live in NYS, I hoped you found these posts informative and, whether you liked/commented or not, I'm glad you continued to track with me along the way. If I didn't have an audience, I wouldn't have pushed on. Life is now returning to normal for most of us, and for me, that means hopefully now separating from tracking Covid data and
  2. test1
    With the news today, I announce that the final daily update of NYS Covid data will be given this Friday, 6/18, just before I head to PA for my first gathering with my Dad's family since Christmas 2019. Intermittent updates (possibly weekly) will continue until no longer truly needed.
  3. test1
    Thank you for doing this over the course of a year +. I checked the daily case rates every day and was always helpful in helping me understand the state of things especially locally. I appreciate you. It's incredible to have made it this far after such a tumultuous year.
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    The end of this week into the end of the month looks quite stormy for most of us. As we head into July the pattern which earlier looked nice now looks to favor well above normal temperatures and very high humidity levels. The details *may* depend on what becomes of a tropical systems some of the models are moving out of the Gulf of Mexico. Since this system isn't even yet formed, uncertainty which would be high during that time-frame anyway, is even higher. For the rest of this month Central Park could pick up another one or two more 90+ degree days but if they occur it would most
  5. test1
    Two updates left after today...
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    same here, but it’s good when people pay attention. Only way things change.
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    Rutgers just announced 100% capacity for football this fall (didn't state if there would be any restrictions, but I assume not). Maybe not a big deal for most, but a big deal for me, being the owner of 14 season tickets for Rutgers football, lol.
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    Hard to find better evidence of vaccine efficacy/safety than this stat: 96% of practicing doctors have gotten vaccinated in the US. Love the tweet below from Ashish Jha, MD/MPH, one of the best public health experts out there. For all the vaccine skeptics out there, this should be a very convincing stat.
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    Morning thoughts... Today will be variably cloudy and it will turn noticeably cooler. Showers and thundershowers are likely. Temperatures will likely reach the middle and upper 70s in most places this morning before falling sharply during the afternoon and evening hours. Likely high temperatures around the region include: New York City (Central Park): 75° Newark: 78° Philadelphia: 76° Normals: New York City: 30-Year: 81.7°; 15-Year: 81.6° Newark: 30-Year: 84.0°; 15-Year: 84.0° Philadelphia: 30-Year: 85.2°; 15-Year: 85.4°
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    A statue of Floyd was built in NJ and NYC. What happened to him was sad but come on , he wasn't a hero.
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    Always right next to the cutoff line.
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    In New Jersey: https://newjersey.news12.com/health-officials-less-than-1-of-njs-vaccinated-population-got-breakthrough-covid-19-cases New Jersey has reached another milestone in the fight against COVID-19, with more than 4.4 million residents fully vaccinated. Of those 4.4 million people, more than 1,300 have tested positive for COVID-19 between mid-December and late-April, or about .06% of the total number of vaccinated. These are considered to be so-called “breakthrough cases.” State officials say that 92 people were hospitalized and that 14 people died. But officials
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    Everyone is beginning to talk about this delta variant - I’m curious as to whether this becomes an issue later this year. is New York one of the leaders with vaccinations and are the people who are getting covid still primarily unvaccinated?
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    Felt weird walking into a restaurant without a mask and no temperature taken .
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    i have never seen the sky so blue before
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    The first half of June was much warmer than normal in the Middle Atlantic and southern New England areas. New York City had a June 1-15 temperature anomaly of +3.4°. Tomorrow and Thursday will be mainly sunny and slightly cooler than normal. Afterward, a warming trend will likely develop. Out West, an extreme heatwave continued in the Southwest, including Phoenix. High temperatures included: Billings: 105° (old record: 98°, 1987) ***Tied June record*** Casper: 101° (old record: 93°, 1946, 1959, and 1987) ***Earliest 100° reading on record*** Death Valley, CA: 1
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    Both NY and NJ are now officially below the 10,000 cases per day (for the US- this translates to 270 cases/day for NJ and about 625 cases/day for NY) threshold Fauci said would be reasonable to "get back to normal." NJ's 7-day moving average of cases is now at about 240-260/day and had been below 270/day for almost 2 weeks, while NY's is now at about 625 cases/day, which is right at that threshold. Lifting most restrictions in NY (and NJ, which has a higher vaccination rate than NY, with ~74% of adults having received one vaccine vs. NY's 70%) makes sense. Huge triumph for science.
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    This morning, the preliminary low temperature at Phoenix was 85°. The temperature should reach 115° or above this afternoon, but there remains a risk that smoke from the Telegraph fire could trim temperatures by 1°-2°. Meanwhile, the final high temperature at Medicine Hat, AB was 100° yesterday.
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    53% approval, pretty much the same as when he came into office.
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    Monday afternoon and evening may pose an interesting severe threat across the region with decent forcing and shear overspreading the region, along with cooling mid levels. A cold front coming out of the Great Lakes / Ohio Valley and pre-frontal / lee trough will help focus the storms: The HREF updraft strength and helicity products marginally highlight a threat with the cold front in the afternoon and early evening over eastern OH, northern WV and western PA, with a greater highlighting of the northern Mid Atlantic in the evening:
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    @Jake302, this is your moment.
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