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  1. You did insinuate that another poster seems "disappointed" by a smaller death count number. Did you not post this earlier? Hyperbole like this just inflamed the situation. Does not excuse his mistreatment of you, but you were not innocent in what transpired this morning. This is why I asked that everyone cool off. We can always lock up the thread for a few hours if that's what we feel is needed. Everyone take a deep breath.
  2. Mine has been coming back very slowly each day. It’s in no rush. Have to hold things right up to it in order to have any functionality. First time in my life.
  3. Thanks. I’m doing quite well now tbh. Never had extended fever or difficulty breathing. I’m more concerned about my buddy @ModRisk right now.
  4. I've kept my situation private for the most part, though @NJwxguy78 has been aware. Had dry cold symptoms for 3-5 days, which transitioned from my chest to my nose from day 5-10 or so. Had a fever on day 9 and that was it. Been suffering from lack of smell since. Glands are swollen the past 1-2 days. Who knows what's going on. I've pumped more Emergenc over the past 3 weeks than I have the last 5 years. Ugh. Loss of taste, smell key COVID-19 symptoms -British scientists' study I consider myself extremely fortunate. Thankfully, no one in my family has shown any symptoms. Wondering if they/we are all immune and if our bodies can be donated to the scientific cause.
  5. @ModRisk, just catching up on the day's posts and really sad to read that you aren't feeling well and think you may have it. Sending you good thoughts and prayers and hoping you only have a minor case, or do not have covid at all. I believe I had earlier this month and was fortunate enough to only show minor symptoms; mainly Anosmia, which I have now had for 14 days. Can't smell shiat. I sincerely hope you get better soon.
  6. The Arizona couple took the WRONG medicine. They took fish aquarium cleaner. They clearly didn't consult a doctor. Whose fault is that exactly? And ugh. The House bill is more politicized than the GOP bill. By a severely wide margin. Basically, they are trying to shove the Green New Deal and all their kooky equality of outcome garbage into it. The GOP is guilty of serving corporations and including provisions to end the war in Afghanistan. I remember when I thought this was bad enough. Then Dems came along and...hold my beer.
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