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  1. Ahh. Thanks for posting this! A group of us at work were wondering why so much smog today. This is from Jersey City facing west.
  2. Stock market really taking a hit today. Future down nearly 800 points. Fear really starting to spread throughout Europe.
  3. Well...SE Asia better snap to it and join the fight against global warming, because keyboard warriors in the US aren’t doing anywhere near that level of material damage or cleanup at this point. If Don’s map is accurate, there’s quite literally nothing this country can do to stop global warming other than paying lip service and posting memes on social media.
  4. This story sure does indicate the right has absolutely lost its frikken mind. No argument there. Then again, so does everything else I posted above with respect to the left. I have archives of additional "memes" masquerading as news too if you'd like to see them. Literally hundreds and hundreds of real stories and opinion pieces posted by the likes of CNN, NBC, Slate, Mother Jones, Vice, AOC and squad interviews as well as David Hogg videos...all proudly displaying just how batshit crazy the left is rapidly becoming. Universities cancelling classes for being too white and male. Covering up statues of white males. Cancel culture is memes are getting bad. The mainstream left is currently on the same path to extremism as the right...the right is just further along. When Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, maybe it’ll become more clear. And that will only be the beginning. Bernie is currently only losing by 5% to Trump in Texas of all places. Socialism is coming to America. Whoops, sorry. "Democratic" Socialism. Our outcome will be...different. Also, if you want to call me delusional, just do it directly. We're friends. I can take it. Alas, I'm pretty comfortable in my nuanced position on the state of American politics. And I think you and I largely agree - at least I thought we did.
  5. IMO, this is an exaggeration of what is going on...on the right. And it's an over-simplification of what is going on...on the left.
  6. The right has been taken over by mindless drone Trumpbots (See Tony) with the sole goal is 'owning the libs'. The left is in the process of being taken over by SJWs and Socialists and Bernie Sanders is now the odds on favorite to be the 2020 nominee. Biden's goose is cooked, assume reality is now setting in. We are Fd either way it is sliced. The silent majority in this country better get its act together quickly. There isn't much time left.
  7. This entire verified Twitter account. https://twitter.com/sairasameerarao/
  8. The far left in this country is easily as extreme if not more so. Something tells me you don't see it that way though. Hollyweird has even taken to quoting Karl Marx at the awards shows. Things are progressing nicely in this country. One the other side does it!!!11 Fingers in ears. La la la la la.
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