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  1. Could be because it’s the lowest quality feed I’ve ever seen. lol. Hope all these ppl evacuated.
  2. Can’t believe this feed is still going. Almost in the eye wall. Wild stuff indeed.
  3. 82 members on the discord server. 418 to go. We can do it...just need to smell snow in the air.
  4. Please join the 33andrain discord server if you have not already. Details will be shared in a couple of months, but Discord is going to be the main 33andrain discussion community beginning this Fall and as we head into the Winter months. In order to join Discord's partner program we will need to get up to 500 members. This will give us the ability to customize more of the server with our branding. Tell your friends. https://discord.gg/hg9kxFD3d7
  5. And just flipped to mostly sleet. Awesome event!! 45-46” now on the season.
  6. 3” on the dot in Scotch Plains. Largest flakes I’ve seen in years.
  7. Ripping here jfc. I am going to measure. Must have over 3".
  8. Heaviest snow here of the entire Winter. Already 2-3" with heaviest approaching. So is sleet line...need to see how far it makes it.
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