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  1. Yes. Mosquito Shield is the same. 100% natural. Don’t need to kill them, just need them in someone else’s property.
  2. The service I use doesn't kill or injure any bugs; unless you have data which shows otherwise. Just masks the smells which attracts them to our yard. I'm sure our neighbors are super excited. Mosquito Shield. You should know them...they have an office in Mountainside, just a skip and a jump away from you on rt 22.
  3. Just started using one of those mosquito services this Summer/Fall. They're expensive but the shit really works. Doesn't just knock out the mosquitos either. We have barely any bugs right now and haven't all Summer.
  4. I'm really tired of it, quite frankly. I'll take a late November/early December snow event, but when we miss out on that, we're left relying on SSWs and then dealing with snow which melts as it falls in March. And it stunts the growing season so landscapes look like trash all Spring. No. Thanks.
  5. An example of one indicator not on our side. In fact, this is just straight up unfavorable right now. After last winter's F you, trying to spot any flies in the ointment which may arise again this year. Clearly, this is one.
  6. @Tamara, really great to read your thoughts. Really helps to balance out the hype that’s been out there. We may not want to read it, but nothing is a slam dunk in this field, so appreciate the reality check. Next few weeks are critical as always.
  7. I don't want cold either. Just coastal storms, which we have. No unseasonable cold. No snow. Not until November 15th at the earliest.
  8. Personally, I don't want to see any signs of snow at all in October or early November. Not falling for that again. By Halloween, I'm more interested in seeing signs of a building favorable pattern, especially out west this year, for cold and potential snow the second half of November.
  9. Wow. Gas up the snow blowers sooner rather than later if @Snowy Hibbo is right.
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