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  1. Thanks @mbaer1970 for creating the April thread! Thanks @uofmiami for reminding me to do the March clean up.
  2. I can also vouch for this. The thunder is louder. The lightning is brighter. There's more widespread hail events. And even occasional weak tornadoes. Nothing like that up here, especially from the city-east. Where I am in NJ...we see some good severe weather from time to time.
  3. The only sticking I want to see from here on out is Spring temps. Good grief Spring sucks in the NY Metro area. I miss living in DC and even the Philly burbs, where there is actually a prolonged period of temps in the 60s and 70s before the sweltering of Summer.
  4. Wow https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/03/a-rare-tropical-storm-has-formed-off-the-coast-of-brazil/?amp=1
  5. In the Big Boulder/Jack Frost area of the Poconos. They got 3-4” the other day. Great final weekend on the slopes.
  6. It angers me that I am still looking at blue, and even dark blue, on the precip maps when the growing season could already be under way. This sucks.
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