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  1. Here comes my wind producers. As expected, not much lift here. The severe warned storm entering nj isn’t really severe but some 40mph+ gusts are present.
  2. CAPE still not good for later, but forecasted shear values are improved across much of the metro. May not see severe weather, but can see most of us experiencing stronger storms with high winds.
  3. Meh, today not looking good for severe weather now at all in the immediate metro. CAPE isn't supportive at all anywhere. Shear values are good south and east of the city though. Better chances for severe along the shores and even a chance for spin ups down around AC and Cape May. Should all see some rain regardless.
  4. Depends on the timing. If we get a system a bit later in the period, there’s a window where we could see a landfall. It’s ages away.
  5. Can see lightning right now from storm 80 miles to my SW over SEPA. Always love that.
  6. Tomorrow looking pretty good still, especially for southern sections. Borderline params up this way. Could go either way. In any event, I like seeing the line of storms. Enough of this discreet ish.
  7. As expected, SPC raised pops for tomorrow. They may need to raise again tomorrow morning.
  8. Nothing severe about this one, but always nice to experience a t-storm!
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