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  1. It’s the 33andrain storm on the Euro Control. If you recall, in late December, i picked 1/18-1/22 for our next widespread SECS+ event. Still sticking with that timeframe.
  2. It is done. Dems with full control. May God help us all.
  3. Folks, new thread up for the 1/8-1/9 SE-MA threat. Please continue to use this thread to track the potential ~1/12 threat and anything beyond... Thanks @Hayisinthebarn. Good luck to our @Region-Mid Atlantic and @Region-Southeast US posters.
  4. You have my support 100%. Also, I thought your post above was pretty fair and valid. Please continue to post counterpoint as you feel it is appropriate.
  5. 12th threat is legit still. Lots of ensemble members with solutions all over the place...many of which are so far west the coast rains.
  6. Know what I want to look at? Weeklies SNOW MAPS!!
  7. For the sake of @Region-Mid Atlantic I hope this is right!
  8. Right, but what is the thinking? It's only 2 days from now! Polls? Odds?
  9. You missed Jan. 2016? Oh...that was a great one.
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