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  1. Literally no one actually thought you would last more than 24 hours, pb. But that's why we like you man. Great come back post.
  2. Can you please hash this out through the PM system? Sincerely, everyone else who just wants to weather.
  3. Especially the last couple of winters. Ugh. Just when we think we have a beat on things...we find out we don't. I really don't ever want to hear about solar minimums, planetary alignment, volcanic eruptions, SSWs or QBO ever again. It's clear the MJO is what mostly drives our sensible weather and understanding the drivers behind this teleconnection is where the focus should be. AAM, EMAT, tropical forcing and all that. Now we just need someone to explain what all of these things are in an easy to digest way. @Snowy Hibbo?
  4. @PB GFI, you've been great, but completely understandable if you need a break. Please do what you need to do.
  5. Obviously an eternity to see this change...I'm just dissecting this specific run.
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