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  1. And just flipped to mostly sleet. Awesome event!! 45-46” now on the season.
  2. 3” on the dot in Scotch Plains. Largest flakes I’ve seen in years.
  3. Ripping here jfc. I am going to measure. Must have over 3".
  4. Heaviest snow here of the entire Winter. Already 2-3" with heaviest approaching. So is sleet line...need to see how far it makes it.
  5. Just did a first pass with the snowblower. 3.5" here. Easy job today. Easiest in a couple of winters tbh.
  6. Yellow has commenced here. Absolutely MASSIVE flakes.
  7. I never understood this fascination with slamming local forecast offices over how much snow they say were getting. Really? Unless you have business which depends on a forecast wtf do you even care? And even then so the fack what! Suggest some of you find other things to fill your free time and leave the NWS alone. These men and women perform a great service.
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