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  1. Out of SV. 1/28 misses well east and pattern breaks down by d10.
  2. At 150 hours, not overly concerned with thermals. We can be aware there may be some challenges. Overall, though, that's an INCREDIBLE run.
  3. Models look pretty good to me both for the 28th-30th system(s) and beyond. My apologies for some negativity earlier today. Was just getting some frustration out of my system. It's coming folks.
  4. 33andrain

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Shocking. Just shocked to see the 28th system going to shit now. Such is the winter of 2018-19!! (meant to be a funny post, not serious),
  5. Now turning the corner. Lakes Low incoming. Great runs so far today.
  6. Euro digging the vort down to the Yucatán.
  7. Lakes low screws up 1/30 opportunity on the GFS. Basically, madness on the models right now. But cold air is around and it is active. There's that!
  8. CMC is a bonafide MECS this run.
  9. Perhaps 1/30 is the one to watch.
  10. End the CMC looks amazing.
  11. GFS will likely miss wide right.
  12. Inland runner, warm for everyone. Ironically, DC probably has the best chance to have a changeover with this track.