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  1. Probably gonna need to be south if TTN to even see storms today. Lots of rain developing though.
  2. Really it's just the HRDPS which like the chances. Hi res models otherwise not enthused.
  3. From 3 days ago, this was as inevitable as @Colin predicting we'd suck cirrus on Boxing Day 2010.
  4. Crazy amount of lightning in that cell on the NJ/PA border near the Water Gap.
  5. A lot of people are saying to go to bed around Midnight since thunder will likely wake you up before then anyway.
  6. Pretty ominous situation developing for New Orleans.
  7. HRDPS a bit more optimistic. RGEM somewhere in the middle.
  8. Once again, though, threat is primarily for southern sections.
  9. Some major flooding down in the DC area. Hope everyone is okay. https://wtop.com/weather-news/2019/07/flash-flood-risk-continues-for-dc-region-on-monday-morning/slide/1/
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