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  1. I've done both Walmart and Amazon Prime but there's a trick.. You can only place orders for today or tomorrow. At midnight the day resets so "tomorrow" becomes "today" and the next day opens. If you have items in your cart and place the order right after midnight you can get it before the times are filled. I've tried Amazon at 12:05 and by 12:15 all times were unavailable. Walmart gives you an hour to place the order after reserving the time slot but Amazon can only be ordered when you're all ready to go. Walmart is done through their grocery dept at https://grocery.walmart.com/ and Amazon is through Whole Foods via Amazon Prime at https://primenow.amazon.com/storefront?merchantId=A2586X4JZVOGYX&newStack=1. Lots of stuff is unavailable but they have fresh food which is nice. Hope that helps - good luck!
  2. Figure I'll get this in while it's relatively quiet..I want to thank all of you for the great info/exchange of dialogue in here! It's been top notch and very informative, much more than any other platform I've checked out. I work in the food industry and deemed "essential." They've put us into split shifts in case someone becomes infected the whole group doesn't go down. We're also limited to interacting with those in our immediate lab (3-5 people) and no one else is allowed in or out. Lots of distancing measures being taken, but it's still unsettling since we're evaluating samples that multiple people handle and everyone isn't taking it seriously enough. I'm also immunocompromised and get especially nervous of catching it from someone who is asymptomatic. I lurk a lot and don't post much, but if anyone needs anything let me know and I'll do my best to help however I can. We all need to stick together during these times - it's going to be a long, difficult journey but we'll get through it. Stay safe everyone
  3. Monroe Twp NJ on and off flurries all afternoon but nothing stuck..intensity picked up a little after dark and back to flurries now. maybe a half inch or so on the cars
  4. getting everything right now outside of Englishtown..mostly sleet, some snow and rain mixed in
  5. Wildwood NJ - back and forth between light and moderate snow all day, ended with 3.5-4 inches maybe? Half of it came from some good banding in the afternoon. Nice little event
  6. ended up with a little over 4" (maybe 4.25) in Wildwood..could've been more but sleet was mixing in this morning. Very windy near the beach with rough seas all day
  7. up to 11" so almost 1" an hour for the past 2 hours but we were under some pretty heavy banding earlier
  8. 9" in central NJ as of 10:30 with about 6" on the sidewalk..very small flakes but still snowing moderately
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