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  1. jan featured two 6+ in storms including one which snowed in single digits. I don’t remember feb/mar being particularly snowy though
  2. Cannot believe the aerial shots I’m seeing. Good news is I heard from a video of a videographer shooting from a helicopter for accuweather that main shelters (school, presumably the one icyclone was holed up at) and the hospital were structurally sound. But wow at the utter devastation feel awful, hopefully people heeded the warnings and sought shelter
  3. Took a screenshot of a video that appears to show a home wiped off it’s foundation
  4. So far damage pics look ef4 tornadoesque
  5. What a disaster. Hoping for a similar result to Barbuda after Irma, with limited loss of life, because ppl took the warnings and sought shelter.
  6. Geez. 918.3 and 172kt unflagged sfmr in se quad
  7. For Manhattan standards an awesome storm have video in a bit
  8. That tor warned storm in EPA is now up to near 80dbz on last scan with 3.75in estimated hail! (RadarScope)
  9. I wonder if the warm front pops back to the NE in the aftn. I doubt it but for areas right on the line especially in NJ is of major import
  10. That cell just to the SE of scotch plains is developing a little notch-worried that there may be a quick up tick in rotation which to this point has been on the weaker side
  11. @33andrain that tor warned storm has some broad rotation basically over your head
  12. Rotation tightening on the NNJ tor warned cell. @CCB! what do you see? Stay safe
  13. Some wacky cloud formations right now and colors, probably due to sunset and now a cell popped just to my west
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