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  1. even for a crappy track like the ukie and GFS I too like front end thump potential, somewhere in the moderate range, ie 3-6in.
  2. I agree it has little to do with political party my point was the tactics employed. Giuliani was loved in NY and eventually around the country and was front runner for the 2008 republican presidential candidate and what a fall from grace has this guy had.
  3. This is an interesting argument you’re making. Because Republicans don’t have any influence on politics the Baltimore crime problem can’t be fixed? Putting a lot of (undeserving) faith in Republicans, no? What exactly are their solutions that are being ignored and would be able to fix the crime problem?
  4. See NYC late 80’s early 1990’s. An amazing case study in how to fix a crime problem that all to many cities of various sizes have failed to take advantage of. The NYPD made community outreach a big part of their tactics and it paid off in the long run.
  5. Couldn’t agree more. It’s all a sham. And this new trump decision to make Judaism a nationality.... By the way I’m a proud American Jew who has pride in their own country (not at this moment unfortunately) and in their religion. I also generally support Israel as a Jewish state but not all that they do-and do believe Jews around the world need significant protections from rising anti-semitism that left unchecked will cause major problems
  6. That jump in 1 year is meaningless unless it represents a trend which there’s no way to know yet. The growth curve if plotted would be almost identical from 2010-2016 and 2017-2019.
  7. The coast is usually in a good location for these frontal waves-that’s where I think heaviest qpf falls just a matter of ensuring temps cool of quick enough
  8. Eh we’ll see how it shakes out but do agree snow maps in general are unhelpful. The reason the gefs suck is the lack of precip. It only has 0.25 line to KNYC. I don’t think the issue will be not enough qpf given the set Up
  9. Gefs snowmaps aren’t exactly the model of choice for this event (and id say that if it showed 6+ for everyone). Would use them for qpf output only
  10. We’ll see what happens but I generally like frontal waves/anafronts. This set up is marginal but I like the dynamics and the timing so feel pretty good about at least 2in in the city we’ll see if we can overcome warm ground with more impressive than modeled CAA and heavier rate s
  11. You want 0.75 qpf for this one. Anafronts can be fun (see March 2015). The issue here is that as has been mentioned we’re going to lose at least half to white rain (or pure rain before the transition happens). Temps are also not going to drop much below freezing so heavier rates would be nice. It does appear most will fall overnight though which would have a slightly easier time accumulating. Would like to see qpf bump up a bit though.
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