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  1. Will do! So many large old trees up there they don’t do well in these kinds of storms
  2. Parents driving around Merrick right now large trees down everywhere. Some roads impassable. Sister in law in laurel hollow and in laws in Lloyd neck all report the same; many impassable roads large trees down, they took a pretty bad hit from the winds
  3. Winds here are insane gusts to 55+. Highest I’ve seen in Manhattan since sandy
  4. Winds are getting pretty big time here right on th east river at 68th street. 50mph gusts. Central Park even Gusted to 43 which though wholly impressive is unheard of
  5. Cell that passed over Manhattan 15 mins ago pretty wild-there was some rotation but it never tightened up
  6. Nothing to see here, just a sig tor parameter or 10
  7. Also has the sting jet feature
  8. The hrrr gets the heavy winds into coastal NJ NYC LI and CT a bit further west than 12z
  9. The 12z euro non gust product, just standard 10m wind speed has 60mph sustained into southern Brooklyn and queens tomorrow late aftn/early evening. That would easily support 80mph gusts (ignoring the gust product from the euro which is notoriously overdone)
  10. 12z HRRR has a very defined storm as it gets to these parts. Winds for the coast esp for Long Island would be maximized in this scenario
  11. Definitely-has been a very weird time these last few weeks here in the city and at the hospital as cases have all but evaporated (thank god) making 6 weeks ago feel like 10 years. We’re also living out on LI at sister and brother in law’s. We had to get out of the city for the sanity of our 2.5 year old’s sake
  12. EML definitely helped a bit this AM. The debris and showers were mitigated somewhat so at least there is some semblance of a threat still for nyc metro
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