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  1. That was posted incorrectly it wasn’t the airport’s official total.
  2. I know you probably know all of this but for everyone else-Syracuse does surprisingly Poorly in LES events. A lot of nickel and diming. 5 inches here 2 there. Occasionally an LES event will get the city proper to 10 inches but the airport, though only a couples miles north, does significantly better. Average snow for the airport as the official reporting station is I think 115in per year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the city and SU campus (my experience obviously) was just under 100.
  3. Wonder if the park got an inch before the change to rain
  4. Snowing quite heavily on the upper East side, slushy accums starting on York
  5. Snowing big flakes now in laurel hollow. In the city heavy snow. Will venture outside during the heaviest shortly
  6. Heavy snow on the upper east side at least at 100 feet asl. What you can’t see is Empire State Building and 59th st bridge obscured by the snow. I’m on 68th street
  7. Heavy snow on the 10th floor (can see surface from here) on the upper east side. Vis going down quickly
  8. Both Gfs cont the trend of slightly colder/snowier for coast
  9. Rgem is slightly colder/snowier for nyc
  10. Gfs seems to have creeped a bit snowier as well at least in sv maps
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