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  1. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    There is a lot of group think at this point so I definitely appreciate your perspective
  2. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    Hibbo says yes!
  3. wxmd529

    October 2018 Discussion & Observations

    Gfs has highs in the low to mid 40’s next Sunday for the metro area. Damn impressive for October
  4. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    No was a Miller b late developer. Extremely potent shortwave dropping out of Canada
  5. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    Jan 2015 skunk job
  6. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    That’s fair. I guess I’m just pointing out that there’s conflicting data from what I’ve been seeing in the Atlantic that makes me question whether we will truly see prolonged periods of blocking. In the NPAC I hear you, but I guess we’ll see!
  7. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    This season will be a good test for the seasonal models since they seem to all be in one direction.
  8. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    In all seriousness the question you have to ask yourself is, does it make meteorological sense and the answer is of course yes. -qbo rising to positive, (hopefully) central based nino (modoki) npac warm pool, low sea ice in Kara sea (-AO?), low solar. The only domain in my opinion in which there is major question is NAO. Even in mid October Still some things that can go wrong. Heck even the NAO in a super negative state for most of winter could screw us and reward the mid Atlantic. I have a lot of optimism at this time however and once we get into early and mid Nov we should begin to see the writing on the wall.
  9. wxmd529

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    Not exactly sure what’s going to happen but it’s fairly striking to see all the seasonal models point the same way.
  10. wxmd529

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    I just found 214mph on the velocity scan!
  11. wxmd529

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    917.6 last pass. It was still strengthening!!
  12. wxmd529

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    922mb 34kt, this is 919mb currently
  13. wxmd529

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    918.3 on last pass. Down 1.6mb on extrap pressure eager to see what drop is...