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  1. Heavy snow has picked up again here on the upper east side
  2. Surprised no one is posting about the nam. A fairly significant cooling at 850 with precip for nyc metro which yields a much snowier front end
  3. Beat me to it. But yet very impressive although probably wrong
  4. I’ve thought that this has good front end potential ala euro nam (and even ukie was better last night than 12z for nyc metro). The issue is we need that initial slug of moisture to continue to trend wetter otherwise while the mid levels are cold we’ll be fairly dry
  5. Don’t forget how (not) excellent the RGEM was for the last event
  6. because of how the atlantic sets up the garbage pac just needs to not overwhelmingly be garbage and we can sustain a snowy result on the coast
  7. This argument that many trump defenders are using shows your (and their) complete lack of ability to objectively look at the facts; 1) Trump had been interested in proving ukraine meddled in the 2016 election not russia as he saw it as a sort of vindication 2) Zelensky needed the US support after his election for several reasons including for military aid and for legitimacy across the world stage 3) Trump saw the 7/25 call as an opportunity to get something in return for the nearly $400M in military aid-asked for investigation into Burisma, Biden's Son and Biden, also asked to find evidence that ukraine actually had DNC server confirming his (debunked) suspicions that ukraine meddled in election NOT Russia 4) Military aid was then held up and not released until the whistelblower report came out and then mysteriously it was released 9/9 immediately after whistleblower report released 5) Zelensky was scheduled to be interviewed on CNN in mid sept to publicly announce investigations Trump had requested These are not opinions, subjective evaluations, or conjecture, these are facts that come from the 7/25 transcript as well as the public and private hearings. If your argument is it was wrong to do this and a misstep but doesn't rise to level of impeachment, this is a much less disingenuous argument. It's fair to say that we shouldn't impeach a president for this (to which I disagree) even though it was wrong. But to completely ignore the facts as if trump didn't publicly say he wanted these investigations is just blindly ignoring facts.
  8. even for a crappy track like the ukie and GFS I too like front end thump potential, somewhere in the moderate range, ie 3-6in.
  9. I agree it has little to do with political party my point was the tactics employed. Giuliani was loved in NY and eventually around the country and was front runner for the 2008 republican presidential candidate and what a fall from grace has this guy had.
  10. This is an interesting argument you’re making. Because Republicans don’t have any influence on politics the Baltimore crime problem can’t be fixed? Putting a lot of (undeserving) faith in Republicans, no? What exactly are their solutions that are being ignored and would be able to fix the crime problem?
  11. See NYC late 80’s early 1990’s. An amazing case study in how to fix a crime problem that all to many cities of various sizes have failed to take advantage of. The NYPD made community outreach a big part of their tactics and it paid off in the long run.
  12. Couldn’t agree more. It’s all a sham. And this new trump decision to make Judaism a nationality.... By the way I’m a proud American Jew who has pride in their own country (not at this moment unfortunately) and in their religion. I also generally support Israel as a Jewish state but not all that they do-and do believe Jews around the world need significant protections from rising anti-semitism that left unchecked will cause major problems
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