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  1. Wanted to share some satellite pictures of the coastal storm. It is amazing how much closer it has gotten since yesterday. A Beauty
  2. Insane radar rn for SNE. Multiple thunder snow reports. Lots of this is heavy rain but you can see the dynamic cooling
  3. Who knows. Airmass is colder up here. But yes i do think its a bit overdone. Not buying these high numbers at all
  4. Looks wayyy overdone for places closer to the coast but HRRR says its throwing in a surprise.
  5. Short range models seem to be ticking the numbers up a bit closer to the coast .Hopefully the trend continues
  6. 6z Euro for Wednesday. Definitely a bit interesting.
  7. It is a outlier imho. Really doesn't have any support
  8. Still would be a sizable event for some imo. I think 5-8" sounds reasonable atm.
  9. Do you think this has any potential for SNE? seems like the euro has a decent amount of support
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