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  1. Finished with 6” of snow here in Topsfield Ma. Very fluffy snow
  2. Snowing pretty good here in Topsfield MA. 3” so far and snowing 1” an hour it seems like. Few more hours left
  3. So the GFS is warm for the 26th. Eps has coastals. Ton of uncertainty, This will be interesting.
  4. 1.5” of fresh snow. Was only expecting a coating. At 24” of snow for the season
  5. We struggle to get the cold air for the 25th. Strong coastal for sure it looks like
  6. @PB GFI Not the trends we wanted to see but you nailed this when you said models will trend warmer. Nice.
  7. It just sucks. We should be able to win but nope. Maybe we will have some luck in February.
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