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  1. I agree but models are showing a storm around that time period so could be right!
  2. yep and the gfs and fv3 show something too around that timeframe
  3. I will take that! Bring it on
  4. looks good. North of Boston looks like they will hold on snow the longest
  5. Hrrr is interesting for tomorrow. Keeping the snow lasting longer
  6. Definitely worth looking at
  7. Does it include sleet?
  8. trending snowier for Tuesday?
  9. Here is my first call Snow map. I will adjust if needed. I think North and West of boston gets a solid 6-8 then up in the higher terrain 8-12.
  10. Nws Boston’s first call. I think I would push that 6-8 just north of Boston as well. Maybe they will adjust.
  11. Good thing it’s the NAM this far out