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  1. Cmc, FV3 have a snowy signal for next Monday for SNE. HP is a good spot. Not that interested in it now but we shall see how it plays out
  2. Models did a terrible job up here once again in Boston. Snow was likely after some rain and nothing
  3. GFS now showing what the euro showed for next week a few days ago. Probably won't happen but thats a strong HP For april
  4. I am very surprised that nobody mentioned day 10 on the euro. even though it probably won't happen i am pretty surprised
  5. Wow! It looked like it was fake just because of how clear the picture was and all the detail. That’s gorgeous.
  6. Looks like the snow threat for next week is dead. Models have a very weak wave now that does nothing
  7. Euro is very close to something good for next week. Better then last run with a more consolidated piece. Just need it to run up the coast like the CMC is showing. This one is very possible imo
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