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  1. I think all we have to do now is get a way to lock the storm threat in!
  2. I’m not sure about you but I am really liking the looks of this for a white Christmas
  3. I think if we push that low pressure offshore we can get some cold air to the coast for it to be snow. But still a while away. Lots of Changes coming
  4. Henry


  5. I think once we get the cold air in here after that little warm up we will do good with Storms
  6. Henry

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    That’s gorgeous!
  7. Henry

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    Dang that’s what I need!
  8. Fv3 definitely onto something here, big improvement from last run
  9. Looks like Boston is pretty much out on those.