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  1. Long range HRRR so take with a grain of salt, however if this sounding happens someone’s gonna thump for a little bit. Look at the DGZ zone and the temp profile and dew point profile. Overall this is a pretty good sounding to support a little bit of accumulation
  2. Rgem snowfall totals, however when looking at the surface the precip Setup looks a bit weird
  3. No way all the way up to the Albany area gets sleet and or freezing rain in my opinion
  4. The NAM seems to be lost with this storm. The surface LP is all over the place and is jumping around. As seen in this photo you have a double barrel low and the primary low is located inland over New Jersey
  5. In my opinion, the nam still has a funky evolution of the storm, however it looks to be improving over the past few runs. The nam looks to jump the Surface LP all over the place.
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