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  1. Winter storm watch for me up in Oswego for 2 feet plus of snow
  2. If you or anyone was expecting 20in of snow on the Carolina costal plain, that is stupid of you. Never will happen.
  3. I’m sorry but everyone has been brainwashed with climate change this, climate change that. We are warming right now but as you see above this is perfectly normal. So people stopped being brainwashed please. This is what’s wrong with today’s world. One person says it everyone else follows. No one thinks for themselves anymore!
  4. Heavy snow at SUNY Oswego about 5in and the RGEM says about another 5-6in falls
  5. Euro matches UKMET.... trend for more snow in the interior?
  6. So the UKMET just came in with these snow totals for the interior through Saturday.... anyone have any thoughts?
  7. UKMET... also shows down to coast at least getting some snow
  8. Both the 12z GFS and 12z CMC is very impressive for the interior
  9. I’m located at SUNY Oswego. So I’m hoping this plays out good for us
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