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  1. If someone told me in November that there would be 4 storms of 6+ inches for our region this season, I would have thought they were absolutely crazy. It just goes to show how truly unpredictable the weather is. Let it snow!
  2. GFS seems to have a mini CBB on the backside as well...
  3. GFS brings accumulating snow into the NYC metro this run as the south trend continues for the Tuesday threat.
  4. And our Tuesday event is followed by another 48 hour period of light snow for most of NJ with another storm behind it. Could be a memorable few weeks coming up with snow occurring more often than not LOL.
  5. Looks to be early Sun. morning till Sun. evening. Quick but potent hitter.
  6. LOL 3k gives the area similar totals to what we just got last storm, but in a quarter of the time!
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