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  1. Both the GFS and the Euro agree on a coastal storm during the March 2nd to 4th timeframe. This is our next real threat...
  2. Yeah, I'm in school right now until 12:20. Heavy snow falling. Luckily I'm being picked up, but it will be dangerous for the kids walking home.
  3. Some of our best storms seem to come out of nowhere. Hopefully these trends continue!
  4. Dear God please let this be true! We all deserve a storm like this after suffering though the past few months!
  5. Neat event with heavy snow falling while the sun was out. I proclaim this winter to be the year of the snow squall!
  6. Any weather related reason to post right now?
  7. Here comes storm #3 (20th) on the GFS!
  8. Yeah. Looked good at first. Changed post to say MECS. Still great this far out!
  9. GFS is about to show a MECS for the 20th.
  10. I think we should just accept that our winters go from mid January through March now lol. December is the new March.
  11. UKIE is interesting at hour 144. Long ways out still.
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    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Roselle Park member here... #unioncountyclub
  13. Euro may finally be picking up the MJO in phases 8 and 1. Great look by day 10 with big storm beforehand.
  14. Chris Cooney

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    You mean like this?