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  1. As the first flakes begin to fall across the area, here's to a winter filled with tons of cold and snow! (Or at least more than last winter. )
  2. FWIW (not much), the 0z GFS is now also showing this small threat. Still a long ways out.
  3. Euro has an inch for most of the area. I think we would all gladly take that for November 12. It should also last for a few days with the bitter cold afterwards.
  4. Remember, we don't want models to show a perfect storm for us yet 7 days out. Bad omen. The setup has potential, and that's all that matters right now.
  5. GFS has a snowstorm in North Carolina this run lol! Hard to take seriously right now but slowly inching north.
  6. This is actually pretty insane... we might be getting a mid-January type pattern in November. Sign of things to come?
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