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  1. This board is just relentless with enthusiasm. Love It. Great discussion as always.
  2. I am up in southern Dutchess, and i am looking at the latest HRRR and RAP models - they have the N-S band rotting over the hudson valley until about 10pm. I didn't think I'd make it over a foot but now i am starting to think it is doable.
  3. Off to the races quickly here in southern Dutchess. Already 2” down and heavy snow. Elevation is only 300’
  4. Incredible post. Thanks John. Looking forward to watching how all of this evolves over the next week or so.
  5. Radders

    **** Official Contest: "33" and "Rain"? ****

    Sunday - 11/5. 9am when I am running the NYC Marathon
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  7. Radders

    March 14, 2017: The Evolution

    Absolutely ridiculous solution. Wow
  8. Radders

    March 14, 2017: The Evolution

    Ha! Happy we can help. ECMWF headquarters are also in the UK (I think) so Brits might be the brains behind that one too. It's a shame that the UKMET model output will never show this kind of storm in the UK. This would be the storm of the century in London.
  9. Radders

    March 14, 2017: The Evolution

    I am a Brit...Who else is a Brit on here?
  10. Snow picking up nicely now in the UWS.. Starting to see car tops whiten. UHI struggle is real.
  11. Radders

    Be The First to Know!

    I just signed up. I have always respected the effort this crew puts in, so happy to be a part of it.