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  1. Same here in Milford PA. Seems like that lull on the radar may fill back in. Another 1-2 inches is possible if this continues for another few hours.
  2. 21/12 - light snow flurries started about 20 minutes ago in Milford, PA (NEPA).
  3. Weather station arrived and up and running. It was really easy to install and integrate with WU. https://tempestwx.com/station/34755 https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KPAMILFO32
  4. I went ahead and invested in the $329 and bought the Tempest. It's arriving today. I am pretty excited. Biggest challenge is where to mount it of course.
  5. This looks like an interesting product. Curious to hear what others think too. Wonder if the data output can be integrated with the Weather Underground service..
  6. Speaking from past experience growing up in SE England, it sucked! The set-up needs to be so perfect. Scandinavian High (very east based NAO hooking up with a ridge in Scandinavia) creating an easterly or northeasterly flow from the continent. Lower thicknesses over the UK help generate instability snow showers coming in off the relatively warm north sea on an easterly flow. Kind of like lake effect snow. You get hit with a band that tracks over the same area and you can get really nice dumps. Beyond that it is usually an approaching system from the west or southwest, which typically gene
  7. Agreed. For Trump he was definitely a good pick. That's the thing with politicians. None of them are perfect. You have to weigh up what they bring to the table in totality. They will never tick every box.
  8. He has previously been quite openly against numerous LGBT rights - something that is important to me when I look at messaging from politicians.
  9. Aside from the fact that I truly dislike Pence on many levels, I agree with this.
  10. I think there is some nit-picking here. I think Trump deserves some credit, as do the other countries that fronted the cash to Pfizer. If the US government had not invested $1.95B into the manufacturing / distribution of Pfizers' vaccine, would the company still have come up with a viable vaccine candidate with 90% efficacy? Probably,. However, I am sure the investment from the US government helped pressurize them into getting it done perhaps a little quicker than if they had not had the investment. And now we are poised to get the vaccine distributed to the US population quickl
  11. Well to say "HUGE NEWS thanks to the public/-private partnership forged by the president..." it is a bit of an exaggerated statement in my opinion. Nothing wrong with putting out an optimistic tweet that a vaccine is coming, but I still think it is debatable that is it's thanks to Trump.
  12. I would agree with this. Always thought that the Trump administration did a great job at getting us in a position to distribute a vaccine as quickly as possible. I just don't think they can take credit for the product being 90% efficacy as Pence tweeted. They get credit once the vaccine is distributed.
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