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  1. High temperature reached 34.3ºF and with the wind it felt like the low 20's all afternoon. Max winds probably ranged around 40 mph overnight into early this morning.
  2. The temperature bottomed out at 20.7°F this morning in North New Hyde Park. A difference of 26.4°F from yesterday’s high of 47.1°F.
  3. The winds are really gusty here. Probably getting gusts in the 30-40 mph range.
  4. I was at school in the Bronx and it was in the upper 70’s there too. I remember there was a seabreeze that kept temperatures in the mid-upper 60’s across most of Long Island.
  5. I remember that day. I was wearing shorts. It hit 77ºF in Central Park that day!
  6. Im in North New Hyde Park (W. Nassau County) and I measured 1" of snow on my snowboard as of 1:15 pm before the changeover to rain. Any reason as to why Central Park only measured 0.4" and LGA measured 0.6"?
  7. Just measured 1.0” on the snow board as the snow changed to rain here in North New Hyde Park at 1:15 pm.
  8. Rain mixing in with snow here in Manhasset Hills, NY. Temperature is 39°F with a dew point of 33°F.
  9. With a storm total of 5.4”, my area is up to 35.9” for the season.
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