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  1. SnowPhanatic

    [Eastern US] Jan. 2019 Pattern & Forecast Discussion #2

    Love seeing the potential here! Don't forget about the lunar eclipse happening tonight! Be sure to bundle up skies are definitely clear enough to see it. Full eclipse is 11:41pm est.
  2. SnowPhanatic

    [Eastern US] Jan. 2019 Pattern & Forecast Discussion #2

    It's tough hanging in there when you love snow as a lot of us do in here and storms miss in every direction around you.(I hope those getting snow enjoy it) However, it's easier to hang in there when you can see the potential for MECS or HECS in the upcoming days/weeks in forums like this and the thrill of watching and diagnosing the models up to the storm is just as fun! Keep up the great work everyone!
  3. Snow and sleet mix here temp 32°, dewpoint 31° coming down at a decent clip. Winds out of the east/northeast
  4. Definitely can see the disconnect here from the TPV here on the GFS........
  5. Friday system looks slightly stronger to me....
  6. Thanks for answering. For some reason I thought the 500 mb level was the surface low but I was mistaken
  7. I'm an amateur here and definitely something seems off, on the 500 mb map the greatest forcing at hour 102 is at the Tennessee/Kentucky border, and yet the surface low is positioned at the southwest corner of PA by the West Virginia border for the same time frame? Why would that be or is there something I'm not understanding totally here?
  8. Thanks for answering and someone did get back to me. However, I welcome all answers that help increase the knowledge here and for my own knowledge as well.
  9. SnowPhanatic

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    No worries, on the bad info @Kevin49068487. We're all learning here and that's the best part of this community! LET IT SNOW!
  10. Thanks for the clarification!
  11. Enthusiast and snow lover here. Enjoying this community and learning new things posted in here. However, what is a KU ??
  12. SnowPhanatic


  13. SnowPhanatic

    [Mid-Atlantic] 1/12-1/13 Snowstorm Obs & Discussion

    @Feb Right there with you, sitting here north of Lancaster by a little bit, 3"-4" of snow sounds good to me for this first one, even though I was hoping for more snow, lol
  14. SnowPhanatic

    The Banter Thread

    If it's similar to January 2016 as another member mentioned earlier with analogs........It will be feet. I had 30"+ with drifts up to 40"s at the end of that storm