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  1. I enjoy reading Judah's thoughts, seems like it points to a good winter from what I understand. However, I'm a novice at understanding all this
  2. I don't like back-loaded winter's, it's disgusting not seeing snow in Dec and Jan.....
  3. All this info, has me hesitantly excited for this upcoming winter as a snow lover.......its' good to be back on here.
  4. It's bound to happen again at some point, the question is when? This year who knows.........but would be awesome!
  5. Around 6 inches here, that 3 hours it took to lay cost me.....
  6. Enjoy everyone, looks like it'll just miss to my east
  7. Currently between 4 and 5 inches of snow flakes getting bigger and coming down harder.
  8. Went for a walk in the snow in the rail trail near my place.....
  9. Still snowing lightly, finally seeing some snow laying on the pavement after 3.5 hours....
  10. Snowing for about 1.5 hours finally starting to see signs of laying....
  11. Started snowing around 1:45pm here, coming down at a good clip ground is now wet but not laying yet... temp 37 dewpoint 30
  12. Man this sounding looks great! https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/sounding/?model=nam3km&runtime=2019030300&fh=26⪫=40.16&lon=-76.20&stationID=&tc=&mode=regular Not showing the pic for some reason....
  13. Moderate snow taken around 3:30 am, wish I was in that heavy band that some of you are getting/got.......
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