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  1. NWS @NWSNewYorkNY has issued a Winter Storm Watch for NYC and all surrounding areas. The NYC message is attached as an image below, with the others being available with a click of the link below. READ YOUR AREA’S UPDATES. ALL WINTER WEATHER MESSAGES: https://forecast.weather.gov/wwamap/wwatxtget.php?cwa=okx&wwa=winter storm watch IMPORTANT: “Heavy wet snow possible. Total wet snow accumulations of 5 to 11 inches, with locally higher amounts possible.” (Relating to the NYC area and surrounding nearby locations.) Make sure to read your local area’s updates and not just the NYC one. All are here. Also, check your local NWS Station if you are not listed here.
  2. Let's talk about three models for our system this week. This has been a topic of much discussion as we get excited for another potential snowstorm. So here we go! First time posting, so I hope you like it. GFS: The GFS is the weakest model out of these three, being much less potent overall. As you can see, it isn't as powerful with our energy and doesn't dig as much, leading to a weaker and less snowier solution. CMC: This one is stronger than the GFS, but isn't as strong as the NAM. Here it really digs the energy allowing for a stronger solution. Anyone south of the city gets hammered here. NAM: This is by far the most potent of all these models. It pushes lots of energy to the north while still digging, which allows for an all out snowstorm along I-95 and other areas. Definitely not out of the question, and it has other short range guidance supporting it. This is one to watch. From a nuisance snow to a crippling blizzard, anything is on the table. Hope to hear your thoughts as well! Let's track this thing!
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