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  1. Yes. But it let’s not get into that on this thread. Admins will probably want another thread for the next 2-3 weeks @33andrain
  2. Extremely busy to really do a in-depth write up. Will say based of mid levels, this sure looks like a sleet/ice storm than snowstorm, IMO - 700s tell the tale.
  3. RAllen964

    The Banter Thread

    Somebody put this guy in dungeon...
  4. RAllen964

    October East Coast Storm

    Going to really start diving into this tomorrow morning, but I agree with @ModRisk on this one... I also think this going to be a >980 storm. Wind and flooding are going to be your issues here.
  5. Mr. John is gonna have a lot less shingles too...
  6. Yeah I get what Jeff is doing, but I got a real bad feeling for him where he is currently positioned. Hope he makes a move west soon, and by soon I mean within the hour...
  7. Might as well give the keys to my father in law's house to Josh Morgerman. Don't worry about locking up after you leave cause i'm sure the house is gonna be gone....
  8. Correct, but it is a good tool for 500mb patterns. And not to say anything, the 18z Icon is also extremely north compared to 12z
  9. Tell ya this though, those HH deserve a few shots at the local watering hole tonight
  10. Ive been waiting for someone to mention this 939mb is going to create an atmosphere and surprises here
  11. The only saving grace is the models are expecting weakening before landfall...
  12. Just a few tidbits for this afternoon: 1. Google has activated its crisis map for Florence, for anyone interested to take a look 2. Can personally report that towns are beginning evacuations tmrw. My father in law’s town is having a voluntary evacuation begin tmrw at 7am