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  1. DT just put out his preliminary. Extremely Bullish for our area and NE.
  2. Quick Post - staying in the shadows, but I am very intrigued by the potential of 99L 12z (not including ECMWF at this point) do show a more OTS solution, however it is not as ENE and becoming more S/N orientation. HOWEVER - if that trough slows down at all, this would be an extremely close call. Keep your eyes open on this threat.
  3. 1995-96 or 09-10, I’m assuming. Haven’t posted in here in a while. Keep an eye on solar impacts over the next few weeks, if we can continue low solar output watch out for this winter. SSW is already occurring
  4. Yea, there was a certain individual that made Mt. Holly, Holly. The day he left, was the day it went downhill. the best part is when on Twitter he blasts them cause he knows it’s true
  5. I think we all know the reason why Holly has gone down hill over the last couple years...
  6. Correct, but is this case it would be North Monmouth vs. South Monmouth - therefore it's probably safer to go the Watch/Advisory route for the full county. That's why I am not a fan of the Eastern Monmouth/Western Monmouth zones- when it comes to weather, the divide is north/south, not west/east. @PB GFI probably could agree on this. The microclimates between the two is quite honestly, insane.
  7. I agree, and I also think they probably add Monmouth - odds are they go down to Advisory for the storm there but with the rain/snow line bisecting there it's probably not wrong to do that.
  8. My feeling if you saw snow last night, chances are you are good. I don't know if you did in Colts Neck, we did over in Atlantic Highlands/Middletown
  9. So you are saying the 195 divide, typical in these storms.
  10. I think we aren't far off from that 8-10" either -- I'm going with 5-9" right here.
  11. Question for Mods/Admins: is is there a way in the site software program that you could put up “Headlines” after a model runs with a quick synopsis of what the model shows? I love reading all the thoughts, but unfortunately at work it takes a lot of time to read everyone’s thoughts and get through 3-4 pages of entries to get what you’re looking for. Has this ever Been discussed
  12. Based on that run of GFS. I have been keeping quiet on this since I was in the camp of winter is over 2 month ago. That said, odds favor fsomething in the moderate/major range, simply due to the pattern change. If the models have been either expecting that to occur ~3/15 , 3/5-8th should be circled as major potential. I know it’s not that simple, but it fits the “pattern changer” mold
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