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  1. I’m sure the general public would hate to see it but as a professional weenie, I’d love to see it. If anything it’ll at least allow the ski resorts to stay open until April.
  2. Is the plan also to lower standards for watches/warnings, or do they plan to just switch advisories over to weather statements?
  3. Curious if anybody has any thoughts/insight on the NWS announcing yesterday that they plan on discontinuing advisories by 2024.
  4. This is doesn’t look terrible for 144 hrs out, wouldn’t take much to get it closer, just a couple more shifts, definitely enough time for it.
  5. The issue is that neg in Alaska just forces the PNA spike to roll over on itself and it pushes the whole thing OTS.
  6. GFS wants in on the action now too...must’ve felt left out.
  7. Changed over to rain for a little, now it’s back to heavy snow, big flakes.
  8. This is screaming overperformer in SEPA, here in Delaware county we were never put under a WWA and I can say for sure that we’re going to reach advisory level accumulations.
  9. Moderate pixie dust here in delco, sticking on all surfaces, very surprised!
  10. Moderate snow now, white rain though except where there’s already snow.
  11. Light-mod freezing rain all morning here in Delco, everything is covered in about .1” maybe a little less of ice, roads seem fine though.
  12. No, but you could take all the extremes that have happened in the past couple years and make a pretty good case... I’ve never been one to pin a single event on climate change that’s obviously absurd as extreme singularities have happened since the beginning of time.
  13. Gotta love the people who use the arctic outbreak in Texas to “prove” climate change doesn’t exist.
  14. Early estimates of the cost of this past week in Texas are already surpassing Hurricane Harvey, could become the costliest weather disaster in US history.
  15. Intermittent freezing drizzles keeping things very slick
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