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  1. That map means just as much as the ones that have showed 20+ for the coast 15 days out why even bother
  2. Well yes, but is it out of the picture if we get a strong cutter to maybe buckle the flow eventually?? just trying to have a little optimism
  3. Is it just me or have models been showing a pattern change around the middle of the month?? (after about 3-4 cutters though)
  4. Do we have anything working for us that’ll keep it from going OTS??
  5. That’s just what miller b’s in general tend to favor, southerly flow kills cities on the coast.
  6. When ya going?? I’m headed up this weekend, hoping conditions aren’t ruined the whole time.
  7. Supposed to go on ski trip this weekend hope they don’t close the mountains
  8. I’ll take the Canadians precip but another tick south wouldn’t hurt
  9. There’s a wave of low pressure trying to ride the frontal boundary, if it happens and it trends stronger you can start looking for more snow.
  10. That’s just how it is, models really never pin down storms in the 8-10 day, this year however it does seem exaggerated.
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