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  1. There a lot less southern outliers, and more of a cluster at the mouth of the Chesapeake, looks better to me.
  2. Yeah tidbits algo is funky, that’s snow on other websites
  3. Getting the the vortex to phase is how someone’s fantasy become a reality...
  4. Looks like the vortex is just killing the heights, we shall see.
  5. Okay, but we have a banter thread for things like that. This thread, though not as technical as the pattern drivers thread, should be limited to expectations that are within the most likely scenarios.
  6. Question: does the euro somewhat caving for the first system lend any credence to the GFS for the 2nd system?? Wasn’t too sure which thread to ask this in
  7. If we can get the EPS on board tonight I won’t be too worried about the ukie.
  8. Are there any well known biases for this range on the CMC??
  9. Gotta be honest it’s been painful having every storm over the past 3 years end up mixing or going to all rain in my area, I was happy in December with an ice storm I won’t be happy with it this time. However I’ll take whatever snow I can get before the changeover.
  10. I remember Bernie Rayno using this rule a lot not too long ago, although I specifically remember him using it with a bowling ball that stayed well south of us back in 2017. Not sure if it applies more to that type of set up or not.
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems as though confidence is growing that there will be yet another reversal of winds at 10mb?? Does this one look to play more of a part in our weather then the previous one? Or is it still a guessing game?
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