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  1. its FZR here in danville pa. That map shows snow. Never had a flake yet..
  2. wow HRRR paints 1 inch of snow and zero ice here. lol. Rainstorm by morning, washes that inch away by dawn. Does it still snow here? XD
  3. have to travel from daville pa to dunmore pa (north of scranton) tomorrow morning.. 6 inches not terrible as displayed by nam. >12 is a different story.
  4. Good luck to thos out east. Should be a slop fest here in central pa..yay lol.
  5. Decent band overhead. Should be the last of the accum snows here once it passes. Will likely end around 3-5 inches which is what was forecasted. Probs sitting at 3 inches right now. Will measure later.
  6. Wouldn't be surprise if the progressive trend continues throughout tomorrow. Looking more and more zonal. Could see the low head straight on out and less of a north turn. Which would start to drop qpf for most even further
  7. To each his own I guess? Seeing how I'm in north central pa.
  8. That's what you get with a flatter progressive system a speeder. Be careful what you wish for the totem poll may swing the other way.
  9. personally wouldn't mind not getting snow on April 1st. But of course when I don't want it the NWS layers me with 3-4 inches expected.
  10. Sorry I meant individual members. That's my fault.
  11. Can anyone by chance post the euro eps for the whole region.
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