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  1. We are tracking a system. It's what we like to do on 33andrain. Wild concept.
  2. Baby flakes here in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Temp is 29 DP is 28
  3. I dunno, according to HRRR you should be done with accumulating snow.... 3 hours ago.
  4. What this storm should have told anybody is that: HRRR is freaking trash. Snowing heavy and fast here in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
  5. 4.3" in Central Park! Dang it looks like it could hit a foot+
  6. This storm to begin with was convoluted and had many moving parts. Each model has its bias, weak points and strengths that, if you know them well enough, you can begin to create your own ideas. (aka the NavGem rule is one since its typically the most progressive). Doesnt always work, but it gives you a good starting point. But it really just goes back to that mathematical equations cannot be 100% correct for something as chaotic as weather.
  7. This storm is really murdering the models. Comes to show how important OBS is and how it should be placed wayyy ahead of what model output is. -Snowing in Bushwick Brooklyn. Probably about 1.5-2" and everything is covered.
  8. Speaking of rain in NYC... it's snowing lightly in Brooklyn,
  9. Will it be the 12Z NavGem with the coup about not having the elongated double barrel low.
  10. FWIW, SPC Mesoscale is also 4MB weaker than what the NAM had at that placement.
  11. Surface temps should be fine, especially with the dynamics at play and the dry air that was in place before. Also with a more uniform CCB, subsidence shouldnt be as big as a problem as what we saw last storm.
  12. Even if it does sleet, that will help the snow stick even more. Brings the ground temperatures down to at and below freezing faster than snowflakes. (unless its pounding them)
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