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  1. Saw that. De Blasio is an absolute moron. He says something like this "when it got bad at rush hour, we knew it was too late". But the day before the storm NWS, meteorologists, and hobbyists literally said the rush hour would not be enjoyable. No reason why roads should not have been prepared. This is the Northeast after all.
  2. This screams big snowstorm. All we need is a +PNA and the pattern to stay consistent. End of November/start of December looks juicy
  3. Logan Giles

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    6.1 Fairfield, CT
  4. These were my foot prints at 5:0. I came back one hour later. Incredible accumulation even at the coast
  5. I just got 5.5 inches in 2 hours
  6. Snowing here. Started at 3:06.
  7. Yes. Correct me if I'm wrong but if the high was over Montreal wouldn't that result in much more snow?