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  1. Today was pretty wild. Probably got between 4.5-5.5.
  2. I am no means a health expert, but here are my thoughts. The CDC has not been doing a great job, and people may say "oh the US doesn't have as high of a number of cases as others". Well because we are not testing many people, that's gotta change. If we are not careful, a situation like Italy is likely. If the US follows the South Korean model in testing anyone they can, here's what should happen. Note that South Korea has experienced a decline in positive coronavirus. The cases here will skyrocket to a level over 10,000, probably higher in the coming weeks. There's going to be panic. People will be scared. The economy will probably tank, with some increases one some days. The death rate will be at 3.5%-4%. In 90-120 days, which is how long it took South Korea to peak, the USA will have its peak, in early to mid May. Graduations will likely be impacted, and spring break plans halted. Note, that it mainly impacts the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions, so the youth and others are generally not at a high risk, but it's still there. I expect coronavirus to go away in the summer. Again, it's how does the CDC respond, and when will they finally use testing kits from WHO
  3. Note from my school regarding travel-they sent students abroad in Italy home today
  4. Maybe some spin ups tomorrow in the Mid-Atlantic. Only need meager instability in winter
  5. Mid 970 mb SLP tracking close by should bring wind. Similar pressure in October (that time it was off the coast)
  6. If this storm goes OTS which it should, the door is open for snow showers on Sunday from a clipper
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