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  1. Heck of a storm tonight. Wish I was there for it. Left school in CT this morning for break. Still a long way to go and I'm doing a chasecation again so not overly worried about missing out.
  2. Classic looking supercell in Alabama. Has already produced a tornado. Hope no one is hurt by this
  3. This is wild. Tornado Warnings in a 90 mile long path. One tornado just missed the center of Evansville IN
  4. Wind is blowing like crazy in Colorado this afternoon. 96 mph wind gust in Colorado Springs
  5. Okay then. HREF showing high chance of a tornado in southeast New Mexico. Chased there last year and the terrain is pretty good inside. the 15% but once you get west of Roswell you're in the mountains
  6. Near bombogenesis on the GFS. Euro is pretty similar.
  7. Yea early/mid next week has my eyes for sure. Euro dropped a 980 mb surface low over Kansas. Plus with ample moisture coming off the Gulf that could create a dynamic severe situation. Plus the trough is fairly steep but will be monitored over the coming days
  8. On the surface, a deepening surface low will pass north of the area. Storms will fire ahead of the cold front. Looks like we will have a triple point in northern Oklahoma tomorrow. Storms should fire in the warm sector in the morning in eastern TX then move east through Arkansas and Mississippi Meanwhile, mid level winds portray impressive forcing which will lead to storms downstream in Arkansas. Low level winds will be impressive transporting moisture from the Gulf into the area.
  9. Brr. Couple days of rather chilly weather before a possible clipper on Friday
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