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  1. Working in the kitchen all week long. Going to feel like 110-120 back there
  2. It indeed is. In 31C water with low wind shear. Recon has found pressure of 994 mb
  3. Heck of a line moving in. Unfortunately won't get shelf clouds shots as it'll be here by 9:45
  4. New Orleans mayor has ordered people to shelter in place. They will not issue evacuations. Reason is Barry will not reach Category 3 status (threshold). Personally I think this is a terrible decision because large amounts of rain are in the forecast. NOLA is also below sea level the levees are at extreme risk of failing again.
  5. Record for strongest pressure in world history is 870 mb set in 1972 by Typhoon Tip. So this is literally a record breaking run by the hi res NAM. Is it happening? No
  6. I am planning on using this paper for soon to be Barry. Reason is heavy rain and a US landfall is expected. Here is the link
  7. Yes. And it would be moving over 90 degree waters with little shear
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