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  1. Yep ive researched them.. looks old school.. state of the art drive in would kill it
  2. Feel like im storm chasing.. in jackson and have had multiple flashes in last couple minutes.. and dont take the word storm too seriously lol
  3. Just had a flash here in jamesbug.. make that 2
  4. Did she test positive or is this one of the hundreds of incidents that take place daily without covid19
  5. The grade should be N/A cuz it never showed up to class
  6. Sucks for them.. rough snow year and now they cant enjoy it
  7. So as a small business owner i should just concede that we wont be starting to get back to normal til when? I understand your all about the safety of the people but what happens when a Who knows how many businesses shut the doors for good? Im sorry that i hope the measures being put in place will help us get out of this debacle. Because if it doesnt i dont know where i will put mu 3 kids..literally
  8. Looks at the athletes stepping up and donating money to arena staff.. those are the people that need the money
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