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  1. I wonder when the PV being so strong will it’s final warming cause a ripple effect and change the pattern to a colder one just in time for.... you guessed it, Spring
  2. If it isn’t going to snow in March might as well by 70 and sunny from March 15 and on
  3. Lol I’m barely on now, I just check in from time to time. This winter has been epically bad
  4. 62 mph gust at JFK. Definitely gusting close to 60 here
  5. One of those waves could gave us some snow. Which one we won’t know for a bit
  6. Living literally by the water for the loss.
  7. Watch mid feb to mid march be the best stretch of winter this year. Maybe we can get to double digits lol
  8. Lmao haha good luck. Although I think they will be better this year
  9. Jamaicans can’t never take shit serious lmao. Look at his caption
  10. Ask my gf who’s in DR atm if she felt it she said no. Crazy how it was felt in Miami
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