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  1. I recall something like that. The third or fourth storm during a -NAO is usually the biggie
  2. I’ll take 2-4” of snow to ice as long as it sets up the big boy(hopefully)
  3. Will never forget that storm. Once @forkyfork and @PB GFI announced that it would be an all timer I didn’t sleep not once until sunday am
  4. I wish I knew about that in those days. I only been on the forums for 5 years
  5. Amwx broke my wx forum virginity but 33andrain makes me feel at home.
  6. I see they didn’t even bother updating the central park one
  7. Measured in 4 different spots and got an avg of 1” which is more than I expected lol
  8. Down to 31 with moderate snow. Streets and sidewalks are slushing up
  9. Took some measurements around my jobsite. Some at 1” some at 3/4”
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