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  1. Even if it doesn’t it doesn’t matter at this time. I’d go with the EPS
  2. Wait... is that a signal?! But honestly yeah all 3 Major ensembles have a signal this far out so something to keep an eye out for.
  3. Wow Astros manager and GM banned for a year and looking like Cora will be banned longer than that
  4. I just drove past there headed back to the city about 2 hours ago did it get started after 8?
  5. Record high of 69 at the Park and 70 at Newark @donsutherland1 @PB GFI
  6. Wow. With cold air nearby that will bode well for the East Coast
  7. Toronto has an epic ice storm coming up sheesh
  8. 68 here. Might fall short of 70 cuz of clouds
  9. That’s why we should enjoy this weekend because the rubberband will eventually snap back
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