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  1. Although this wasn’t Sandy this is going to be remembered for years to come as well.
  2. Peak gust of 67 here. Trees are down on every block in my hood
  3. Tree got shredded by the winds
  4. That’s what I saw on Twitter not sure if it’s legit
  5. Probably the strongest gust yet. Had to be close to 70
  6. Gotta be 60 plus mph wind gusts here. Large trees are literally swaying with the gusts
  7. My cousin is currently crossing the verrazano bridge and says he saw 2 trucks overturned
  8. What? I’ve had multiple gusts at 60 and over
  9. and another just shook the car pretty good
  10. Just had a 60 mph gust here again
  11. Jesus there was 109 mph gust at the Jersey shore with a waterspout
  12. Holy shit gusting to about 60 mph here with this cell
  13. Pouring now here with gusty winds
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