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  1. Ask my gf who’s in DR atm if she felt it she said no. Crazy how it was felt in Miami
  2. I rather this storm go OTS honestly. I think it will bode well later on as it intensifies and it’s wave break causes a block right over GL as models have been showing off and on.
  3. Yeah I idk either tbh lol. My dad loved snow but he would never watch the weather so it could be his love for snow that got me into weather
  4. Thank you for the condolences guys
  5. I would be one of those kids that would watch the weather channel rather than cartoons. I remember how excited I would get when I would see the big snow icon on the local on the 8s lol. I vaguely remember the blizzard of 96 but my mom told me that I would sit there and just continuously watch the weather channel. I remember I believe it was Dec 2000? that me and my dad got stuck heading home and we would throw snowballs at each other lol
  6. Read back and see why that actually wouldn’t be a bad thing....
  7. It’s crazy. I lost my brother last month and yeah it hurts but his health wasn’t good so it was unfortunately expected and with him living in another country it’s a bit easier to process but this right here it’s like damn I’m still in shock.
  8. This Kobe shIt really got me hurting
  9. Right now thermals don’t matter, the important thing is that the storm signal is there
  10. That or gfs thermals suck. That seems like it would be colder than that
  11. Not really that’s dynamic cooling. Snowing heavily again here
  12. Down to 25 here with mod snow. Looks like about an inch so far
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