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  1. Yes indeed, some are politicizing a crisis and it ends up being a distraction
  2. Kids are back in school in Germany. I am interested to see how they are reopening so aggressively and cases continue to plummet. Active cases are down to just 24,000. Even soccer (no fans) will resume soon. Is Germany a model for the West? Also, Italy had just 1,074 new cases (lowest since March 11). Here in the states, I am observing similar patterns that y’all are. People are increasingly out and about and there is not as much mask wearing or social distancing in the Baltimore suburbs. Some posters have previously alluded to kids. Well, I have seen more of my friends hanging out. We are in the lowest risk, but not invincible. A CFR of .1% for my age group is still 5x more deadly than flu for us and we can asymptomatically pass this onto a vulnerable person. Northam announced reopening plans. Hogan still has not. I am interested to see what it looks like (amount of distancing) when MD begins reopening. I have not really left my house much and have exclusively left in a scenario where I can easily distance myself (dog walking). I also have cabin fever and badly want to safely see my beloved Ravens play this fall just like the majority in the Baltimore metro but we need to be smart about this I will say this as a conservative: The Michigan protesters with long guns are psychotic idiots. It is something that totally undermines our message. They pose a risk of violence also and I am not a fan of Whitmer but i am sure she felt very scared when armed militia-like people were trying to get into the state house. These protesters take this way too far
  3. If there is no NFL season, I wonder if rookie contracts would be extended by a year. Owners of the Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, Bills, Jets, and Cardinals would certainly vote for that. It’s unlikely star NFL players on rookie contracts would agree to that. For example, Baltimore would lose a year of prime SB contention if this season is cancelled (certainly a possibility, has to be safe in order to play). Having your QB have a $2 Mil cap hit is much more favorable than the $40 mil that we will have to pay him. KC is in a similar situation. I think the Hunt family and Bisciotti would kind of want that year back. To see what all sports leagues will do with contracts is going to be interesting in the event there is no MLB or NFL season at all. Public health always takes priority here
  4. So day 1 outlook is out. The SPC was going to go high risk but Birmingham NWS talked them out of it apparently. MDT expanded into GA though. I got all this info from the AmericanWx Southeast forum. While shear isn’t as good, lapse rates and instability is better. High risk or not, things look very bad south of I-20
  5. At 2:00 PM it was disgusting outside (75/68) now it’s a beautiful 53/36
  6. I got a decent storm. Sheets of rain and some good wind. The high wind event completely busted for me. It’s barely even a breezy day for me. Meh
  7. I wonder if they would expand the SIG or not. They are betting on this being cellular not linear. I think that Greensboro, NC, to Raleigh, to Richmond go MDT day 1 and ENH goes to DC and SLGT goes to Philly. Further North in MD, the NAM is overdoing it and it seems as though the air will be more stable than in VA. But we shall see
  8. I’m an orioles fan and we have socially distanced ourselves at our games anyway for the last 3 years
  9. The MLB’s proposal to play in Arizona has numerous obstacles to it. How do you keep players isolated from the rest of the world? How do you deal with 110 degree weather? When is it safe to start? Is the MLB trying to play with fans this season? If so, when. Obviously for any sports league there are numerous logistical headaches for restarting. Hopefully, we can have fans in buildings by July 1
  10. I don’t know when but at some point, we will beat this virus. I have no doubts that as a americans, we will defeat this virus. We rebuilt France and Poland. We prevailed after 9/11. I am confident we will have a similar outcome
  11. Spain is having stabilization also. After daily cases around 9,000, today’s new cases was 6,120 and after daily new deaths north of 800, 616 people died in Spain today. In a week or 2, we should officially be the new epicenter of the pandemic even though we are now
  12. My family is opening up a restaurant/gourmet grocer over the summer. My family is very lucky this isn’t happening over the summer instead of before the building but I imagine the restaurant business is gonna get bit badly and already struggling retail will collapse. I am concerned about the labor market when I enter the workforce out of college
  13. Thank you for all the work you guys do on the front line. You are American Heroes.
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