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  1. Ahh shit. It’s sleeting like crazy here. Nervous about ice now. The ability to get a healthy snow accumulation in this area is like the ability of the Ravens to develop elite receivers. Sitting at 24.8
  2. ...WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 3 AM THURSDAY TO 6 AM EST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Heavy snow along with sleet and freezing rain. Total snow accumulations around 3 to 6 inches with ice accumulation around one tenth to a quarter inch. * WHERE...The Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan areas. * WHEN...From 3 AM Thursday to 6 AM EST Friday. Snow will begin between 3 and 5 AM. Snow will change to a mixture of sleet and freezing rain during the late morning and early afternoon hours. * IMPACTS...Power outages and tree damage are likely due to the ice. Travel could be nearly impossib
  3. Looks like cold air will limit ZR in my neck of the woods. You don’t see South Hill and Emporia, VA (210 miles down 95 from BAL) be forecasted for .25-.5” of ZR. Unfortunately, Richmond Metro isn’t a sparsely populated area, so major impacts there.
  4. If BWI is 20.6”, since I am NW of BWI, I probably am somewhere near 22-23” yearly
  5. Measured 4.2” of snow. Up to 13.6” for the year
  6. My snow is a little icy. I haven’t mixed here. I wouldn’t call it powdery. I’ve been sitting at 31.7 for a few hours now
  7. It’s raining in DC. People are reporting 32.5 with rain and holding steady. DC has to be the unluckiest place for snow north of Richmond since 2016
  8. That would be a cold ass house for a week plus verbatim
  9. I think I’m in an okay spot right now. I’d love a 25 mile bump north
  10. What’s the highest snow report so far? Im guessing without looking at 28.4”
  11. There’s another storm on multiple models around FEB 10. Looks like Sunday would be a Miller A...yaass. Too far out but I would have a chance at cashing in if everything comes together. Regardless, unreal potential here.
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