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  1. Dude, I live not too far NE but man we’ve been getting at least 2” an hour. Largest flakes I’ve ever seen. About to change to sleet
  2. Holy fricking shit. That was amazing. We just need the dolphins to lose 1 game now. Lamar deserves 30” of snow
  3. Boy we have a hell of a wide envelope of possible solutions from DCA-BOS. GFS is around a foot for me Ukie: 1.5 inches (mostly rain)
  4. Great run for me! Still extremely concerned about changing to rain down here
  5. I swear if Reirden isn’t fired. If we lose game 4 he should be fired 10 minutes after the game. Congrats to you Isles fans
  6. Damn we’re not gonna get the #1 pick But alright O’s! Max Scherzer tomorrow before 3 against Toronto and 4 against Boston
  7. How are the O’s 10-7...once the suspended game is completed tomorrow 11-7 with sweeps of the Rays, Phillies, and likely Nats with a 6 game winning streak. 2020 has produced some of the strangest events and I thought the ravens would win more games than the o’s this year
  8. I got nothing much here. Top gust was a paltry 20mph and only 2.55” of rain. Sun has been out for a few hours. 1.7 million with no power. I think this name might be retired
  9. My uncle lives in Suffolk, VA. That’s a scary TDS at 3:30 in the morning. This was PDS warned. Fortunately, although the TOR was extended, it was changed to TOG with no damage tag
  10. ~115 mph winds &2k ft. Not too far from radar also.
  11. 1. A tropical wave is producing a broad area of cloudiness and disorganized showers and thunderstorms several hundred miles southwest of Cabo Verde Islands. The wave is expected to move westward at about 15 mph during the next several days, and a tropical depression is likely form early next week when the system reaches the central tropical Atlantic. * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...20 percent. * Formation chance through 5 days...high...70 percent.
  12. 98.1 today. “Down to” 85.8. BWI hit 100, DCA and IAD 99
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