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  1. That same storm that I posted earlier has been confirmed to have a tornado with it. This storm passed just south of me (I live just across the Howard-Baltimore County border on the Baltimore County side in a little town called Catonsville. I got a lot of heavy rain but the severity of the storm clearly dropped off on my side of the county line) this tornado hit a town called Glenelg (Howard County). Based on the damage, a tornado did occur (trees in all directions). Radar is being used to confirm the tornado also. Hurricane force winds in both directions were blowing toward the Baltimore radar (TBWI, not KLWX).
  2. Not a storm today. What a letdown considering the ENH risk with 2/30/30 (obviously south of Mason Dixon Line)
  3. Another tornado warning near Scranton. Rotation looks a little broad though.
  4. Damn. Not much down my way except for isolated cells. Nothing like PA. Guess trying to see an MDT will be hard given that we will need SIG SVR and its only 30 w/o SIG SVR. We haven’t had anything terrible since June 29, 2012 besides June 23, 2015 Softball size hail. Great storms y’all had up north tonight though.
  5. Storms will weaken by the time they get down here. But PDS TOR in Scranton is incredible. I’m already under an ENH tomorrow. Would not be surprised to see a MDT here in MD. The TOR threat does look lower tomorrow due to lower shear and it may be so hot storms will gust out. Hail and wind look to be greatest threats
  6. Haven’t been on here in a while, but currently 68/63. Tornado Watch till 12 AM. The instability is limited here under 1K j/kg so the question is can the storms still produce damaging winds or a tornado given the shear. It’s going to be raining till 5 PM, so that reduces our window for sun to just 3 hours. In the SLGT risk here.
  7. This site is living up to its name today for me. 33 and rain here (western suburbs of Baltimore) ZR up in Carroll County (NW of me)
  8. Yea but ZR wouldn’t accrete as well given the precipitation being heavy. However, it is an incredibly nice run. Hopefully we can sniff out 5-8” out of this one. This would be the only scenario I root for ZR over RA because the snow wouldn’t melt. But overall, love the trends for this area.
  9. Wow... gets me AN snowfall if this verifies which this winter we have actually been lucky down here. Would be an 8-12” event.
  10. That's an upper end ADV event for me. Right now, I say 4-6 inches of snow (lower end warning) because I think the storm has more moisture with it than currently shown as did the January 13th storm. Para says a 2-4 inch event. FV3 for anyone interested:
  11. Yeah, the Weather Channel said mostly rain last night for me... boy was that wrong. My forecast for 1/4 inch of ice was correct. Sterling said “a few hundredths of an inch of freezing rain” they were under the storm total freezing rain by 2/10 of an inch.
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