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  1. @Jakkel138 we might get outdone by the chiefs. Lamar might be spared the choking memes
  2. Greater choke than the lightning had. I feel bad for lamar tbh. He gave this everything he had and no one bothered to show up
  3. Yeah this seems to be what sets us up for an active last week of JAN. A cutter to Toronto could give some a thump, but I am very familiar with the 22nd and 23rd time period from 4 years ago.
  4. I would think IF such an upgrade were to happen, it would be in the areas already in the 15SIG TOR probs... ne TX to N LA. Houston is only in ENH atm
  5. Top 3: 3) 2/5/10 2) 2/9/10 1) 1/23/16 January 23, 2016 has to top all of them because boy was it such a frustrating winter before this blizzard. I am also only 16, so the ‘10 storms in FEB would mean I was only 6 at the time since I have an OCT birthday. I definitely got at least 30”. I couldn’t take any reliable measurements because the drifting was remarkable. BWI got 29.2” out of this. I also heard thundersnow for the first time in my life. That memorable Baltimore late January night in 2016 I will remember it for as long as I live
  6. This potential event serves as a great reminder to people in the south that severe weather can happen at any time of year...even large outbreaks. Severe weather in January is relatively uncommon, but no one is invincible from severe wx even in January
  7. AN Probs rapidly decreasing by the day. Looks like we just have to get through the 10th-15th.
  8. I got white rain coming down. Was at 40.6 12 minutes ago and down to 38.3 with a dewpoint of 29.7
  9. I’ve got Virga now. Outta school in 35 mins. It’s really a good call because there could be up to 1 inch of snow per hour during the peak of the evening commute. This could be a dangerous situation on I70 and especially I81
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