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  1. Frustrating. Actually looks like flakes are starting to mix back in now. Hoping we switch back at some point.
  2. Exiting basketball game and despite the temp now up to 39 here now in Neptune it is snowing here now. (Son's team won in a thriller btw vs the #1 seed) Headed back up Rt18 to Marlboro.
  3. Hahaha Needs more seats for the fans though. On the Knicks court tonight for 2nd round of playoffs.
  4. At my sons basketball game down here at Hoop Group in Neptune where its raining. Same temp of 36 on car thermometer as was back in Marlboro where it was snowing. Rt18 was mostly snow until I got to about the parkway where it started to switch over.
  5. Snowing here in marlboro NJ Monmouth County already! Wow. Very light snow but still. No rain!
  6. Another coating of snow here in Marlboro,NJ. Hoping we can squeeze out at least 4 inches tomorrow night down here. Rough winter for us Monmouth County peeps. Hahaha Congrats to those up north!
  7. Very light dusting here too. Pleasant surprise this morning.
  8. Seems like mostly sleet now. Parking lot here very slushy and glazed over with ice.
  9. Confirmed mostly snow here in mercer county near the trenton-mercer airport.
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