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  1. view from my office 5 min ago here in Hopewell Township, Mercer County NJ
  2. everything snow-covered here now including the parking lots in Hopewell Township, Mercer County NJ.
  3. yeah snowing pretty good here in Hopewell Township, Mercer County by the Trenton-Mercer Airport. Not sticking to the pavement yet but everything else it is. awesome to see the first real snow of the season! Good luck to all!!
  4. At Bergen Catholic football game in Oradel Bergen County and we have some snow flakes falling here.

    Redirects on Android

    Yes this has happened to me for this website only as well. Not all the time but on occasion. Anytime I clicked on a forum I would get those annoying messages taking me out of this website completely. Would have to delete that window and go back in via another window.

    March 2018 Observations & Discussion

    Definitely losing a lot in the sun now but at least these gigantic snow piles have a chance of holding up. Hahaha
  7. Keep hope alive for us in Monmouth???? ha ha ha
  8. Yeah this sucks bro. Frustrating.
  9. Oh wow sorry man. I'm sure it will switch over soon though if I'm all snow here.
  10. Back in Marlboro for the storm now as they ended up sending us home last night. We currently have wind-whipped snow falling here now with what sounds like an occasional ice pellet here and there. Mostly snow though and starting to stick to everything, including pavement.
  11. I'll be cooped up at work again in Mercer County for this storm. I'll have reports from both Monmouth and here in Mercer over the next 24 hours. ha ha ha Currently just light snow falling here with huge flakes.



    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    So this is where everyone was hiding!! Hahaha What's up everyone! 1st post on this site. Only took me all winter to find this forum. Hahaha Just got up to see the Euro. Looks great! Back to bed. And see you later on.