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  1. Moderate to heavy sleet here in Mercer County now. Some glaze now forming in parking lots.
  2. Appears to be all rain here now in Mercer County.
  3. On the road here in Pennington NJ Mercer County near TCNJ and we have moderate sleet falling here now. Car temp says 36 degrees.
  4. The great Feb blizzard of '78 lasted for over 30 hours too. If I recall that storm also did a loop de loop stall off the coast? Fond memories of that one as a kid.
  5. And just like that its just about over. Hahaha
  6. Yup can confirm light dusting of snow on car tops here in Marlboro. Light snow still falling.
  7. If I'm sleet down here in NW Monmouth County then you have to have at least sleet if not snow up by you by now no?
  8. Wow we have a light to steady sleet here! Just got back in with the dog. Wasn't expecting this at all for down here. Cars and mulch even have a slight dusting on them.
  9. Nice! May head there or Monmouth Battlefield Park hill later. Currently at my sons travel baseball training and we have drizzle here on the Millstone/Freehold border.
  10. Here in the Morganville section of Marlboro Twp in Monmouth County, took measurements in 3 spots due to all the wind we had last night. 9 inches 11 inches and 8 inches Avg 9.5????
  11. Just got in from a jeb walk with the dog. Wow heavy snow here in the Morganville section of Marlboro. Near whiteout conditions at times. Tough to measure with all this blowing snow. Plows are out already. Freezing cold wind and snow in my face and I loved every second of it!! Hahaha
  12. Current scene in Freehold. Good luck everyone! Will be back in Marlboro later to report.
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