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  1. There is one down in Vineland called the Delsea drive in. Went there as a kid. Looks abandoned from the street but its still kickin after all these years. Hasn't opened yet for this season due to this virus though.
  2. Wow this is some storm!! Crazy wind and torrential rain!! Just one crackle of thunder and lightning when it first arrived, nothing since. Wow.
  3. Cool looking clouds as I was leaving Costco about 20 min ago.
  4. Confirmed. Moderate to heavy snow falling here in Marlboro. Starting to let up just a bit now though.
  5. Stuck in traffic near quakerbridge mall and it looks like light rain here.
  6. Leaving work now and we have light snow falling here near the Trenton-Mercer County Airport.
  7. Around 1.5-2 inches on car top. Didn't measure in the grass though. Waiting on 1 more snow band to come through.
  8. Steady light snow falling with a dusting on grass and cars already here in Marlboro, NJ Monmouth County.
  9. I'm guessing this is the last day of snow cover here in Marlboro on the Holmdel/Aberdeen/Matawan border. There is virtually no snow left in the southern portion of town on the Manalapan border though. The hills here in this part of town clearly have a minor effect on precip at in times. Definitely a mini micro climate in this region. I'm sure Isotherm could confirm that. Anyway, onto tracking the next storm.
  10. I had light sleet/rain mixture with an occasional snowflake mixed in about 10min ago when I was walking the dog. No idea what its doing now.
  11. Steady band of light snow moving through here in Marlboro now. Decent sized flakes. Not sticking anywhere though but looks nice. Feels like winter.
  12. Looks about right. I estimated around 4.5-5 inches too here in Marlboro. 3 yesterday and 2 last night. Congrats my man!
  13. Solid 3 inches here in Marlboro, NJ Monmouth County. Didn't measure before the lull so may have had more. Still snowing now though. Went out for a Jebwalk earlier tonight and did a little sledding with my younger son.
  14. That's what I said when I saw your pic from Manalapan!! Hahaha Amazing.
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