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  1. Saying fully vaccinated people can do this means everyone can do it, which is why they waited to say it as the science hasn't changed the last 3 months. Honor system went out decades ago in this country.
  2. It's not platform - it's a bare bones blog at best. A webpage.
  3. I have seen a few myself from St Michael’s / Wades Point over the years.
  4. The haves and have nots today. Currently sitting at 80.
  5. It's basically going to rain every other day the next week, and 1st half of May here is definitely unsettled - wouldn't bother.
  6. Currently 81 approaching noon here, some already better than that.
  7. Overpeformed at 78. Tomorrow ought to be interesting. Models have been too low the last several weeks - especially the euro at range but no one cares this time of year
  8. Definitely did not get as cold as forecasted or modeled last night, no freeze, no complaints. 31-32 expected and only got down to 36-37. With that, farewell 30s till the fall.
  9. I agree with your underlying premise - and it’s why I think Dems may be more likely to hold the Senate in 22, even gain. The House - we’ll see. A lot of state shenanigans already looming with districts.
  10. The problem for the Dems is redistricting. They are going to lose a number of seats before anyone even votes.
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