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  1. UK 500 with some sizeable changes from 0z, more progressive ridge for sure.
  2. GEFS giveth, GEFS taketh away... (but I still buy we end up in 3 at some point)
  3. Western ridge continues to trend flatter, the northern energy keeps ticking north pretty clearly. Not great.
  4. Oh the Euro bit on, have we forgotten already? It just also quickly gave up that idea and hasn't looked back.
  5. The ~7th has emerged as the best period this winter IMO with much better looking pieces. The 11th could be another.
  6. At this range I'd be more interested in the Ensembles and 500 changes. Chasing the surface, 'trends', etc a complete waste of time.
  7. PNA isn't the issue here IMO, southern energy too far ahead of the upper low, trough not negative in time. Plenty of time.
  8. Absolutely this. It's not a good model. It's a data point sure, but it's brought up way way more than it reasonably should be.
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