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  1. Unfortunately this is pretty worthless. It’s just an opinion poll of doctors based on a professional social networking site questionnaire, nothing scientific to it really. We wait for clinical evidence data.
  2. I've read a few reports on the accuracy of these tests (and lack thereof) this week. You hate to read more bad news, but everything is being rushed, so hard to be completely surprised...
  3. I have said offline a few times, wait till we (somehow) discover Wuhan wasn't the beginning just the bomb...
  4. Cuomo said they will be out of ventilators Sunday, after that "I can't tell you what will happen."
  5. The 3M issue is a wider macroeconomic issue that isn't solved in emotional 100 word forum comments. Of course they're made in several places. The notion that multinational corporations with 6 digit employee counts that make goods in 40, 50, 80 countries around the world are suddenly all going to make things only in the US, or all of any one product line in one country is foolhardy OR that they can turn on a dime, is also off the mark. We collectively didn't prepare, and we're sleeping in the bed we made. They'll be plenty of ink/text/thoughts to come for the future. That doesn't excuse 3M or supply manufacturers sketchy behavior, - or mean there isn't a solve or work to do to meet situations like the current crisis, but absolutes don't really work and ultimately won't solve anything.
  6. https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-jobs-report-likely-to-show-start-of-record-labor-market-collapse-11585906617 That chart, Ouch.
  7. Keep seeing posts and comments like this. Antibody tests will be interesting when they roll out.
  8. 12 years ago there was a car accident on the highway in a snowstorm. Driver manages to roll the car, drag and spark along the guardrail, caught fire. Almost something out of a movie. We ended up in scene first and I was in first. Tragically there was a young child in the back... Since that day not a single body or death gives me even a second thought, it’s almost sad in a way. Some things can’t be unseen.
  9. All of the numbers are likely much different than what's 'reported' and likely not in a positive way.
  10. Super Troopers had that funny quip about unrealistic ideals. It certainly feels very unlikely by month end. Even if it was possible, not entirely sure the outcome is what they expect either. If you test everyone and the vast majority have none, you have more data, but still seems like a lot risks.
  11. Interesting, but they're not indexed to population or population density... not that it would change the impact, but relativity is important.
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