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  1. I'd be careful you're not getting ZR counted as snow in those 10:1 maps...
  2. This has been a textbook problem with the FV3 since it's release. Been more muted in recent releases, but still an issue.
  3. I actually prefer the city plots on Weathermodels. There's just so much more EPS data available for the price IMO. (0z, 12z still filling in)
  4. This is my area, we definitely had Straight Line winds. Damage and power outages are common. It was a wild night.
  5. 5th straight day of 90+ here in ol SEPA. Storms later will be interesting. Short range guidance looking awful today not picking up what's actually occurring at all. F- on that front.
  6. Up to 72 here in SEPA with quite a bit of sun and a tornado watch. Should be an eventful evening for sure. Except i forgot it’s all boring unless it’s snow. :eye roll:
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