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  1. Florida is an alarming and dire situation. Just absolutely dire. Tough data read.
  2. Oh, I really hope not. Covid-19 Cases Jump in Sun Belt Nursing Homes https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-cases-jump-in-sun-belt-nursing-homes-11594468980?st=w9t7f7dqmtqn8oj&reflink=article_copyURL_share
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/10/health/coronavirus-entire-body-effects-columbia/index.html
  4. Don't @ me but, looking at the data, I get why, and always assumed it would it make it to TS but seems a little early, I figured maybe next update.
  5. "The Deaths are going down! " Today's FL number tops the record from April and we all know it's not over. States won't go back or do lockdowns." - Goldman Sachs says states containing over 40% of the population have now put reopening on hold, and states with another 30% have already reversed part of their reopening. - Dr. Anthony Fauci made clear that the situation in the U.S. remains grave, calling for some states with major outbreaks to seriously consider shutting down again. And it's only 1/3 in to July.
  6. Haven't been high on the 3K NAM's up the Bay and over Philly ('West') track last few runs, 12z's wobble east makes more sense, probably more to come.
  7. I guess it depends where exactly. Pretty sure I remember 2016, and definitely 2013 in the Midwest.
  8. 100% Agree with this, especially given my own experiences with tests, and medical opinions. It also doesn't help when the tests are terrible themselves.
  9. I wasn't going to bring it up either in a public forum but I have gone for 3 - each specifically on a different certified platform and on the 'approved' list. First: Inconclusive, Second: Neg, Third: Pos. I wish I was making that up, They are trash. Am going for monthly physicals amid a program - good news is improvement in May, much improvement in June's, that's likely the 6 month mark.
  10. That's exactly what it is, a typical La Nina summer. The mental gymnastics of some progression the last few pages are head scratching... Ice Age Summer coming Ok, just Below Normal Summer ok, No 90s for NYC Ok, no 90s for Central Park in June Ok, no multiple 90s Ok, it's warm but not that hot, really Ok, but there's thunderstorms! Ok, it looks hot but these troughs may save us. Ok, it may be hot, but probably less extreme than it looks. Just heard back from the field, crew needs a break, tired of moving the goal posts.
  11. If I get to 90 today (close call, might be 88) could be on deck for 7/8 days straight of 90+
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