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  1. Love a good gust front. Steals the show.
  2. So it’s mid October, halfway through Met Autumn and a few notes top my list: - Have not dropped below 50 here yet. - Still getting tomatoes - 20% or less foliage color - Central Air still on this week - 1 or 2 more 80 degree days to go Sure things will change, but man…pretty wild.
  3. It was last month at the bookends, It flipped. Not that it means anything - that was after all my point. They aren't an endpoint forecasting tool in my view either but they do have their place as a data point for tea leaves to see how they develop certain domains that impact the season.
  4. New Euro seasonal is definitely brutal for the entire season, seems pretty unbelievable, like most modeling in October.
  5. One heck of a growing season. At this rate I’ll be raking leaves on Thanksgiving.
  6. Indeed, next weekend's trough has trended stronger and will feel more autumn like autumn - right on time with astro Autumn. Fine by me, I'll be in the mountains anyway.
  7. All these tracks still have a bow west and north as it moves on but to me it looks like it’s essentially stalled to shift and moving north now. Not sure it’s going to move much further west other than a wobble or too. Bad news.
  8. Some used to call that the 'summer backbreaker' but if the GFS is right, it will live up to the name - usual long range GFS caveats apply - at least in the sense of being overdone at range. To emphasize the point changes are coming, here's Newburgh, with a 39 for a low.
  9. Banter thread is dead. Sue me. You know it's true.
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