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  1. I don't even want to think about threats that are 10 days away after I got roped in by the weekend storm 10 days out lol.
  2. Why does Mt. Holly have to post something like that just when I'm content to move on from the threat.
  3. If that verifies the whole affected area would be out of commission for a week.
  4. Looks like my prediction of a 100 page thread for an event that brings no snow to nyc might be true lol. It's still been great to see all the analysis and discussion here. Looking forward to this winter on this board.
  5. katzenato

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    It'd be pretty funny if we had a what might be 100 page thread by the time of the event and the tri-state area gets no snow at all.
  6. I hope you're right but it's not promising to see the euro stay so south for a few runs in a row now.
  7. Not the best or worst run we could've had. Good to see we are still in the game.
  8. If the rest of this suite looks like the ICON and the CMC I'd be pleasantly surprised. Great start so far
  9. Really anxious to see what the euro shows tonight. I'm having a gut feeling it won't be much improved from earlier runs.
  10. Runs tonight will be big. Really need to see some positive trends before midweek so I don't fall into weenie hell due to a missed storm in early December
  11. Blizzard of 2016 V2 (probably not but one can dream)
  12. I don't know much about weather myself and I'm usually just on here to lurk around and learn from all of the wonderful and gifted contributors that post regularly on here, but even I know that models will flip flop so many times between now and the time of the event actually occurring. I'm just grateful to live in an area with such an abundance of snow events to track to begin with. I may not always get 10 inches to fall in my backyard every event, but sometimes it's the highs and the lows that make it fun to be a part of at all, regardless of the result.
  13. katzenato

    November 15-16th -- First Widespread Frozen -- Forecasts/Obs

    Switched to sleet here in SEPA for about a half hour. Back to snow now
  14. katzenato

    November 15-16th -- First Widespread Frozen -- Forecasts/Obs

    News was saying a coating last night for West Chester. That's already been blown out of the water. 2 inches down here and still dumping.