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  1. This map has 6-8 inches on areas that are already struggling a lot with mixing, I wouldn't trust it.
  2. Wow, those are some HUGE flakes falling out there right now. It won't accumulate quite yet but it's pretty to look at.
  3. After a brief period of drizzle/light rain we have already switched over to light snow here in West Chester PA.
  4. Is this finally the storm we've been waiting all winter for?
  5. Watch us get that MECS to pad up the totals for the year, everyone looking back on this year will see it as a good winter with decent snowfall totals but really it was a huge clunker.
  6. I mean the old gfs isn't all that good, but anything is better than the para. It's going to be interesting to see how it performs with severe storms over the summer when it is the only gfs.
  7. I swear this model has no clue what it's doing, has there been even one storm where it doesn't overdo amounts by like 3x?
  8. This winter is about to get a whole lot more interesting, today was just the appetizer. Will be nice to laugh at everyone who prematurely cancelled winter in January every time we look outside for the next few weeks.
  9. Weather channel says 8-12 inches of snow for Boston what a joke
  10. Is it just me or is the precip a bit further east compared to where a lot of the models have it?
  11. This feels a hell of a lot like the November 15th storm, I think we continue the trend.
  12. Wow that is some serious cold, philly burbs dont get above freezing until 6z Wednesday according to that.
  13. I find it interesting to see the disparity from the GFS and most of the other models regarding the first wave, the GFS has it almost non-existent while the NAM is spitting out decent numbers, can someone explain to me just why exactly the GFS is such a no show for wave 1?
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