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  1. im guessing its pretty loud in there with all the pingers. stay safe and hope you guys switch over to some snow later!!!
  2. does anyone have reports out of the DC area? it looks like they’re getting absolutely CLOBBERED with sleet and freezing rain. id be curious to see what conditions are like, seems hellish.
  3. Somewhat embarrassing update: went out to remeasure and realized I was measuring in an area of old leftover snowpack. Remeasured in a PROPER, more fresh location and found we are more close to 4 and 1/2. Didn’t wanna have an erroneous report up too long without correcting it. My bad, still a bit of a newbie even 6 years into this... and still enjoyin the storm @33andrain want to perform proper practice and report this update clearly
  4. ive noticed that too, everytime i look away the flake size has been changing
  5. About to enter the heaviest band of the day, hope this isnt bright-banding from sleet
  6. I’ve got close to 6 inches here in the northern part of Millersville, been in the deeper bands since probably dawn. Still coming down at a heavy clip with more just to our west waiting to push in... what a lovely day
  7. absolutely nam’d, wow, snows through the afternoon on friday for a majority of the tri-state area. near a foot in parts of southern pa.
  8. I have a hard time believing this when the usually dry gfs even had a very wet run. it even picked up on a broader mesoscale banding signal. yet again, 18z = happy hour. wait till 0z for a definitive verdict.
  9. everyone make sure your coffee/energy drinks/whatever keeps you up is ready, we got a long night ahead
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