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  1. are these crazy winds gonna continue creeping north? im in bergen county and we’ve had some good gusts but nothing insane yet. are they imminent?
  2. i just dont want them making the same mistake with the warnings like they did with sandy. an unaware public and a moderate/high-level event is a dangerous mixture. EDIT: NOT AT ALL SAYING THIS IS SANDY
  3. like i said before... stocked shelves and almost no one in the supermarket earlier. no one knows.
  4. is it also time to start turning some of those tropical storm warnings to hurricane warnings? or atleast adding hurricane watches? honestly, i’d do it for the public’s sake and nothing more. “hurricane” would definitely scream “take this seriously” to a, as of rn, somewhat unaware public.
  5. man... it looks like the UKIE showing upper 970s at landfall in earlier runs wasnt too far off after all. 983 on last recon pass is wild strengthening for a LANDFALLING hurricane in NORTH CAROLINA. is it time to start leaning towards those higher values in those earlier model runs?
  6. arent we fairly close to being within 24 hours for this event? at what point do we stop discounting these crazy runs and start saying okay maybe we need to change the forecasts a little. if this is literally coming tomorrow, the general public should atleast know there’s a chance for this to get out of hand
  7. can we curse on this forum? because holy... shoot
  8. bergen county nj area, actually. i understand why the downplaying is happening but god its doing far more harm than good. we have a slightly drier, significantly more windy Irene coming and many many many people are viewing this threat as more of a “nuisance” than anything else. not good.
  9. i hadn’t really even considered the fact that most people were probably already stocked up just because we’re in a pandemic so you could have a point there... but i still think the general public awareness of this storm is dangerously low especially for how high impact it could end up being.
  10. I will say one thing that seems to be getting overlooked here and thats that the general public seems to not even know this is coming. I just got back from the supermarket and the shelves are fully stocked (for once) but there was almost less people there than usual. The local news has even been somewhat downplaying this threat. Idk what the end result of all this is going to be but if some of the stronger Euro/UKIE models come even close to fruition... this might catch a lot, A LOT, of people off guard.
  11. correct me if im wrong, but doesnt this all seem to be trending (albeit, somewhat windshield-wiper-y) to a more significant impact up in the mid-atl/NE? models keep making these little lurches east... idk, maybe the new data collected from the Hurricane Hunter mission out ahead of the storm is finally being ingested. just seems there are chances for this to surprise and people absolutely shouldnt be letting their guard down rn. im still studying meteorology rn so again, please correct me if im wrong
  12. does anyone have a rough idea on timing for this system for the greater Lancaster area? i have to return to school this weekend (taking Amtrak from Newark, NJ) and i was hoping to get an idea on storm timing so i can plan my trip. any input is welcome and thanks in advance!
  13. how reliable is the HRRR4? i know its new and that’s about all i know about it
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