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  1. does anyone have a rough idea on timing for this system for the greater Lancaster area? i have to return to school this weekend (taking Amtrak from Newark, NJ) and i was hoping to get an idea on storm timing so i can plan my trip. any input is welcome and thanks in advance!
  2. how reliable is the HRRR4? i know its new and that’s about all i know about it
  3. This type of accretion with a snow layer prior to the ice is more dangerous in terms of it weighing down branches/power lines though, correct?
  4. Upton is acting damn near irresponsible by not having even a WWA up anywhere in the vicinity of the metro
  5. and there’s not even a WWA. absolute incompetence by those in charge rn.
  6. I live in the heart of the NJ/NYC metropolitan area and i think literally every major source I’ve checked for a forecast has said either snow turning to “a slushy messy mix” turning to rain, “a bit of ice and sleet” turning to rain or just plain rain. the absolute disregard for public safety and at the very least general public awareness for this event is shocking and downright dangerous. ive been saying for years that ever since their big blizzard of 2015 bust NWS Upton and the NYC weather media as a whole has been so overly shy and careful with their forecasting. they almost seem scared. am i the only one that thinks this?
  7. they need to let the general public know TODAY that there is a real chance this storm is on the more dangerous side
  8. the part that scares me the most is moreso that modeling keeps showing it and upping the ante in some cases. yeah, i know its not gonna be .75+ inches of ice... but it just gives me a shudder that the mainstream media and NWS aren’t even noting the POSSIBILITY of this being a dangerous storm, you know what I’m saying?
  9. Is it still not worrying anyone? I’m still fairly new at all of this... but really, this just looks terrifying to me
  10. at what point do we start getting concerned? if even HALF of this falls, we are talking MAJOR issues
  11. euro ice accumulations? looks rough yet again based on surface
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