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  1. You must be a Paul Krugman guy... is there no limit to "government stimulus" in your world? Just print that shit forever and mail everyone the checks? Why don't we always do this anyway if money is free? Seriously, JM Keynes would blush at your posts.
  2. I've been weaning myself off 3rd world manufacturing for a while now. It's a price to pay, but I sleep well knowing that an American with a decent wage and workforce protections is getting a paycheck and a little kid in a Chinese sweatshop didn't make my clothes.
  3. Yeah but guns folks include a paranoid subgroup and they don't know anything that everyone else doesn't. That said I bought the last of the birdshot from my local range yesterday.
  4. ha me too. pretty predictable. virus spreads. things get shitty. vaccine developed, things get better. the end.
  5. so if you go from 10 cases a day to 12 cases a day to 13 cases a day, that's exponential growth?
  6. He didn't skew the data and he's absolutely right about one thing- If you're not all about that doom and gloom when posting in this thread you're going to get pushback. There is a palpable feeling that some posters do not want to consider optimistic or hopeful points of view, or consider alternative thought processes. I have a hunch that it's due to the kind of brain wired in a typical weather bb poster.
  7. Chair of the Fed has no legislative or statutory authority. They couldn't do something like this. Frankly I don't know how a president legally could either.
  8. I never felt that any of your comments were dismissive, thanks for checking.
  9. You wrote that financial assistance has started and will accelerate, and then you share a bunch of your own suppositions. I'm not sure what that proves or how it's relevant. You're talking about waiving mortgage payments for a little while. How does that affect the hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities the Fed just bought?
  10. OK, so you won't answer my question or address my point after declaring me ignorant, cool. Very mod-like of you.
  11. If you can't understand that there is a value to the suffering of people as a result of the economic impact of quarantine, nobody can explain it to you. I get it, this is necessary to save lives. How many lives, and at what cost? Are you incapable of thinking about this beyond the superficial level, or do you just not want to? "Do whatever it takes to save an indeterminate number of lives" is irresponsible. AND NOTE I haven't said I disagree with taking steps and measures to #flatten, all I have done is ASK at what cost and for what return on the cost? For every perso
  12. But do you know how many lives will be lost to economic suffering? Or how many will become impoverished? Or how many people will have to work until they die because their retirement account is being wiped away for the sake of saving an indeterminate amount of other people's lives? There MUST be a balance here and there isn't. We've gone from 0 to 60 in a matter of 4 days. Nothing that dramatic or unexpected has happened to warrant that. Everyone knew that we would be right where we are today, weeks ago.
  13. That's was one of my two points that I'll stop beating the dead horse on now because I'm sure after 3-4 posts everyone's heard it. That growth curve would look much less impressive if you divided east coast from West coast, and it'd be more meaningful because these populations aren't in close proximity and aren't infecting each other much, relative to within the individual groups. Treating the USA as a monolithic singular population in these charts isn't giving a proper perspective.
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