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  1. Think about that Red Bull whackadoodle who SUP'd across the Atlantic. Can you imagine getting blown off your paddle board by a gust like that? Probably knock you unconscious. How many people are out there sailing in 20-30' boats? Surely they'd get KOd by something like this id think. I wonder if it's common, or wrong place wrong time.
  2. Can you ask...was it like "The Poseidon Adventure," but with wind instead of a ocean wave? Was the weather calm right before it blew through? This is so nuts to me.
  3. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/extreme-gust-wind-norwegian-cruise-ship-injures-several-people-n979501 I wish I could see a skew-T for when/where this happened. I've heard of rouge waves, but not wind gusts. Unfortunately all the news I've read doesn't touch on the antecedent conditions, or the meteorology at all.
  4. I woke up with the power out. Now I've got something to shout about.
  5. Thank you. Went for a drive and there were many people out. cray
  6. Well, I won't stealth jackpot like I hoped, but it's a branchbreaker in my neck of the woods. Just under 5" and almost done.
  7. Keep in mind Warren has some significant elevation. That's Watching Mountains there.
  8. My dude. I'm quietly planning on getting the JP this one.
  9. Hahaha I wish. Mulen is legend. Is that guy around still? I'd like to know haven't seen ok see ya
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