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  1. It's a fallacy. You can do it anytime
  2. That's why I'm debating getting it. Its likely someone else had it and I contracted it from them but my parents are coming to visit next week and I want to make sure I'm negative before then.
  3. So last week I was traveling for a celebration of life in Kansas and I'm sure I was around some unvaxxed people. Got back Saturday and woke up yesterday feeling like I got hit by a bus. Every muscle hurt. Last night I had a temp of 100 and major chills. Today however I woke up and am mostly feeling better though still a tad achy. Guess I should still get tested? It's also been nearly 6 months since my 2nd Pfizer shot
  4. The line jumped right over us. Guess it's fine as we don't need the rain
  5. It seems to have lost any mid month heat as well
  6. The media and the general public don't understand weather terminology for the most part
  7. Very scary. I just got 1.25" in less than 20 minutes and it's absolutely pouring
  8. It'll be back by mid month I'm sure
  9. Going to Keen's in NYC on Saturday. Do you know if I can use this or have to bring my card?
  10. I don't know. I was skeptical at first but I'm starting to believe the polls that say 70% of Republicans think the election was stolen. I know way too many people that believe that. Now yes alot of people have left the republican party esp after 1/6
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