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  1. Same. 67 in the bedroom. 80 rest of the house
  2. He can speak to them any way he likes but facebook and Twitter aren't required to let him spew hate speech and incite riots
  3. I only saw 5 people at the shoprite by me (south plainfield) without masks yesterday.
  4. First day of optional mask wearing for vaxxed people in NJ. I only saw 2 people without masks in target and home depot
  5. I'd be much more worried about long term effects of covid that we don't know about like E.D.
  6. 30 degree drop in 24 hours. Pretty impressive. Feels like early April again
  7. Yeah that seems a bit high. Guess 100 tomorrow
  8. I dont think you guys realize how incredibly f***in fortunate we are to have 2 vaccines that are 95% effective. Otherwise we'd be in lockdown again right now and dealing with covid outbreaks for years to come with millions of dead Americans
  9. Vaccines aren't 100% effective against infection but they are like 99.99% effective against hospitalization and death
  10. It's interesting how much lower we are in NJ. I wonder if its just the combination of high case numbers and vaccinations. It seems too soon for herd immunity and we did drop quickly last spring as well after the first wave
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