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  1. Maybe in your backyard, but on Long Island, trees had plenty of leaves on them.
  2. HRRR for the loss with regard to pressure
  3. these winds could be worse than ef-0 tors
  4. think to 3 pm, gotta get through the sharp wind shift. S NJ seeing high winds in W flow now
  5. just woke up and have been watching them closely
  6. the highest wind has yet to hit nyc,
  7. Its a model and while they are supposed to be accurate at initialization, they still miss things
  8. Storm is likely gonna stay off of Florida coast, with some room to intensify as it does so in next 24 hours or so...
  9. UKMET strengthens it down to 974 by SC so its not just ET thats adding to it
  10. cloud tops warming in the main cdo
  11. The GFS Parallel does not landfall in Florida. Still approaches Long Island as a strong TS at least, but as strong as what it depicted yesterday/
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