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  1. this is a great presentation as to why this is a classic cold conveyor belt system for us
  2. they both do, but may not be provided by radarscope et al
  3. that is not detected by radar. they are from lightning networks that are overlayed on those images.
  4. good you are not in wantagh. pingers and rain here
  5. friday morning and saturday morning totaled 5.4
  6. they are posting KDIX radar. its not dying out on OKX. Lets not forget the beam goes higher in the atmosphere the further away you are from the radar.
  7. very hard to believe its raining there. are you sure its not on Long Beach
  8. it doesnt make sense. i pulled soundings out there and there is a warm layer. those 10:1 maps are not accurate on the coast.
  9. i love the foot on eastern LI, yet it may mix there the soonest. LOL at these clown maps
  10. and in the city. not sure why you went to plain rain
  11. gotta cool things down first. impressive enough is its almost 32 and it was 40 a few hours ago.
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