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  1. did you see my sounding above? Thats from the 3-km NAM. There is dry air in the middle levels with no lift in the dendritic growth zone.
  2. kuchera does not take into account drying aloft.
  3. my concerns continue despite the snow outputs from the models. mid level ridging killing saturation. Where is the snow growth here?
  4. 100 percent. Also, there is a ridge axis aloft on top of us. Yes there is some vort energy in there, but its not anything thats going to support alot of precip.
  5. ill make sure to tell the public that next time I give a forecast. thanks for the tip.
  6. its not when you consider whats going on in the atmosphere. its not about model qpf and snow maps. this isnt a situation that supports much snow in nyc area
  7. Glad you are in agreement. Sometimes its good to take a step back and stop comparing QPF and snow run to run and actually look at whats going on behind those maps.
  8. Lots of ridging aloft on the NAM too.
  9. So its gonna snow with a 1034 mb high over NYC?
  10. Can someone find an analog of a situation similar to this? The subsidence from a high like that with just FGEN forcing is unlikely to produce anything significant up this way.
  11. having a real hard time understanding the 12-km NAM. Its running precip right into a surface high . Oh and there is a strong ridge aloft.
  12. Not trying to play negative Nancy but just because the MJO goes into phase 8 to 1 or could go does not guarantee snow chances.
  13. DualJet

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Its not good: I saw a Robin yesterday. The ground hog predicts spring soon DT is calling winter is over in the east Tony changed his avator to a lightning bolt