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  1. The teleconnection index means nothing for whether or not we get a storm.
  2. nyc did measure 0.4 lga 0.6 and ewr 1.2. check the climate reports.
  3. Good point there. I do not typically consider a warm nose that low to the ground, but in this case it does make sense. Granted the model is only off by a degree C so it isnt that big of a difference.
  4. sure but if the snow melted at 925 mb, its not gonna reform because you are 32 at the surface. my point was the depth of the layer above the surface.
  5. good example here. It says surface is 34, but look at the depth of the layer above 0C. that matters. its not a warm layer aloft thing.
  6. yes it is a bl thing. Your surface is not just boundary layer. Its a deeper layer and probably too thick for it to support rain now. Soundings had it going about 75-100 mb by this time where rain was being depicted.
  7. this is one event that snow maps may be really flawed in the metro. Sounding from the HRRR at the time of the the high rates looks like this...
  8. I think it happens more than many realize. Dendrites is the most common for obvious reasons, but its much more complicated and diverse
  9. If you look above it shows 24.4. not sure where that 26 is coming from
  10. Its ripping here now. Finally all snow and its coming down moderately now. Some nice aggregates in there as well.
  11. its also slowed down and is more later in the day giving time for things to warm up
  12. 90 percent sleet and 10 percent snow here. Seems like it is trying to improve aloft so will see how it progresses into the afternoon
  13. I love how hes looking back at you! what a cute dog.
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