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  1. I'm glad someone mentioned this storm, it's my all-time favorite (I'm 26, so I don't remember 1996 and I was attending college in upstate NY so I missed 2011 and 2016). It saved the winter of 2009-2010 for me in Allentown after we got fringed by the December 19-20 and Feb 5-6 events (and later, the Snowicane). I remember waking up the morning of the 10th and being disappointed by how little snow we had gotten from the front end. Then the radar started blowing up like it was 70 dp day in August and around 10:30 the main show came in like a wall. From 11 AM to 6 PM we got 15" of snow, despite marginal surface temps and poor ratios. The whole thing was over by 8 PM. If that storm had come anywhere close to the duration of 96, PD2 or 16, it would have smashed every snowfall record in SEPA.
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