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  1. Now BDB is saying phase 2 in f*cking July? Cuomo needs to tell him to f*ck off.
  2. Agreed, everyone loves bringing up the Spanish Flu and how much worse the second wave was without mentioning that that was an influenza virus (not a coronavirus, which is much slower to mutate) that mutated to become significantly deadlier. If anything, COVID has shown some signs of attenuating recently and should either remain at its current strength or weaken somewhat by the fall. Because of that and all the measures you mentioned, it's almost inconceivable that the peak of any second wave could come close numbers-wise to the original wave's peak in late March and early April.
  3. Thanks for the update, and I'm glad to hear the tracing army is close to completion. I really hope you're right regarding the deal with hospital space; 30% is an irrational requirement.
  4. My roommate has a friend who works in a hospital in Queens, and apparently NYC only has around 25% of its ICU beds available at any given moment during normal times. He said that currently the city is at 28% ICU availability (with 30% being required to reopen). If true, this strikes me as an unreasonable reopening requirement for the city.
  5. A Bakery and a Chinese restaurant (takeout only). The Frying Pan (an outdoor bar just north of Chelsea Piers) was open for takeout too but there were people milling around with food and drinks.
  6. Back in the city finally. I took a walk around Chelsea Piers and the park was packed with people. Some businesses that apparently were closed are opening back up. The next 2 weeks are going to be very interesting if the city tries to enforce business closures.
  7. I hope you're right, I'm hoping to jump in soon but 24k was ridiculous in my mind.
  8. Southwestern PA, including Pittsburgh, is going to partial reopening on Monday. That area was never hit very hard so this makes sense. Next area to reopen will likely be the lower Susquehanna Valley.
  9. Cuomo seems to be asking questions about presumed COVID deaths. I would also be interested to know how they are discerned.
  10. I'm surprised they're not doing any regional breakdowns there like in PA, I think the outbreak there is largely located in the Detroit Metro.
  11. The one thing I'm holding on to for hope is the fact that the inaccuracy of the tests doesn't necessarily mean they overcount the infected. The sensitivity of most of the antibody tests seems to be considerably lower than the specificity, and in populations which have significant infection rates that makes undercounts likelier than overcounts, at least before you consider other sources of inaccuracy.
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