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  1. Handkerchief sized flakes. Everything is white.
  2. Huge flakes. Heavy snow. Seems like more than all of winter.
  3. Sounds bad. Happy that you're ok now. I had it for around a week and it was bad enough.
  4. Serious UHI night. I'm 16 degrees cooler than the park.
  5. Seeing the photos out of Newfoundland. Just wow! I'm jealous.
  6. Yeah. I figured we got at least 3 inches in Spring Valley. Snowed for 95% of the time of the precipitation. No accumulation from the ending as light sleet/drizzle.
  7. How can someone not like today's weather, any time in the year?
  8. Dry and chilly weather this afternoon for Siyum Hashas event in MetLife Stadium.
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