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  1. Torrential rain now. I've now seen rain in 7 out of the past 7 days.
  2. I automatically discard any long discussion regarding this, blaming everyone they don't like and not a mention of the biggest possible super spreader events of several weeks ago. Talk science, not politics. With science, everyone gets equal scrutiny.
  3. It's not the opening or not opening. It's as simple as whether there is a serious level of herd immunity.A lot more people in NY metro have antibodies and T-cell immunity than people think or scientists have completely verified. NY can open and most likely there will not be an outbreak. The Orthodox Jewish community in the city and suburbs have been open at pre-pandemic levels for many weeks already and zero new infections.They were hit hard in the past, but many didn't have it.
  4. Very heavy downpour in Williamsburg. Just heard thunder.
  5. Feels amazing outside. 52 degrees at 2 am.
  6. Torrential rain and super windy gusts earlier.
  7. 37 degrees in Montreal, after 98 a few days ago.
  8. After all the recent rainy days the park somehow only ended up with average precipitation for April.
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