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  1. There's absolutely no need to have snow cover to get snow this time of year or any time of year.
  2. Another Day 10 snowstorm on the Euro from the mid-Atlantic through the Northeast. Last chance?
  3. Some of you people whining about snow in spring need to have your snow-cards revoked, lol.
  4. Oddly enough, the term "propinquity" enjoys a new lease on life in the world of manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It's used to describe how far away a chemical precursor ("starting material") is from the active ingredient in a step-wise chemical synthesis, as that "propinquity" is a key risk factor in whether or not regulatory authorities (like the FDA) will accept whether that "starting material" (the point at which Good Manufacturing Practices should start in that synthesis) is acceptable from a risk-to-patients perspective. Henry K and Isotherm aren't the only ones capable of exposing people to an obscure word, lol.
  5. I did look up the requirements for a CBM and they do have to take a number of meteorology courses, but certainly not anywhere near a degree's worth. I can definitely say that I'd laugh at the prospect of someone taking maybe 1/3 of the advanced chemical eng'g courses and calling themselves a chemical engineer, so I would think most "real" meteorologists (with degrees in meteorology) would feel similarly about the CBM contingent.
  6. Your standard late March foot+ of snow from Roanoke to DC to NY to Boston - can't bring myself to post the map, lol, as I don't want to be responsible for causing any heart attacks, lol.
  7. Just curious what people, especially those with actual meteorology degrees, think about folks with those "Certified Broadcast Meteorologist" titles they get by taking some met courses and having a non-met science degree and then delivering weather forecasts (presumably made by others) on TV/radio. I'd probably be halfway to being a CBM just from all the advanced fundamental science (calc, physics, p-chem, thermo, transport, etc.) courses I took, although I haven't taken any actual forecasting courses - which is why I'd never think to try to pretend I was a meteorologist.
  8. Yes. I love snow and I like sleet a lot and I hate rain, so yeah. And all that "snow" on Sunday's 00Z NAM on TT is sleet, but at least, once again, the time of day is optimal, being when the sun is down. Doubt we'll see much along I-95, but one can hope.
  9. We had about 2" left over from Saturday and now have probably 4-5" in the shade, which is 90% of my property, fortunately. South facing lawns have just about lost most of their snow in town. Still feels like winter to me. More would be nice.
  10. don't make me send my goons after you...
  11. 7 miles north of you had 10.5" this weekend - but at least you got sleet and not rain - nothing worse than cold rain...
  12. I've been jokingly calling the last 2 storms (and even 11/15) the "Miracle of Metuchen" since we somehow did so much better than places just 5-10 miles SW, S, and SE (and even east, last night). Ended up with 10.5" at our house over the last 2 storms (and had 7" on 11/15), bringing the seasonal total up to 24", which is only about 4" below normal and as we saw last year, we can get a foot of snow in late March and several inches of snow in early April, so winter ain't over yet. Although the real oddity may be that only 6.5" of our total fell in "meteorological winter," i.e., Dec-Jan-Feb. Anyway, here's the list... 11/15: 7.0" 01/12: 0.25" 01/19: 0.75" 01/30: 0.5" 02/12: 2.0" 02/20: 2.5" 02/28: 0.5" 03/02: 4.5" 03/04: 6.0" Total: 24.0 @Allsnow- did you miss a couple? Wouldn't think we'd be 4" apart...
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