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  1. Finally had some snow down in sheepshead/south Brooklyn , but not much is sticking by canarsie (near jfk)
  2. Hopefully that cold comes further south in Brooklyn. Nothing but wet roads here in marine park.
  3. A nice solid 0 inches on the ground in south Brooklyn . Hopefully the temps dip a bit so we get some accumulations going.
  4. Moderate snow falling in south Brooklyn, nothing sticking though. Melting on impact.
  5. A little over an inch of slush and compacted snow here in south Brooklyn by the water. Very heavy rain and sleet coming down. The way the mixing is coming in I doubt well get over 2 inches in south brooklyn.
  6. Nice half inch of slop with heavy wet snow coming down in Coney island (south brooklyn)
  7. Snow coming down but not sticking in ozone park queens
  8. Still not much mixing, looks like a heavy white rain here in south Brooklyn. Hopefully the changeover comes soon.
  9. Heavy freezing rain/ sleet in Brighton beach right near the water (South Brooklyn). No accumulations on any surface.
  10. Solid 6 inches of very heavy wet snow here in Brighton beach / south Brooklyn. The drifts outside are much bigger though. Snow is still coming down. Been a treat watching the storm unfold with you guys, hope everyone who wanted snow wakes up with huge totals in the morning.
  11. Sounds about right. Just went out to check out the buildup, here's what it's like in Brighton beach / south Brooklyn:
  12. Update from Brighton beach/ south Brooklyn. Still got a bunch of slush here on the ground and no accumulation on the roads. Went to the roof to measure untouched snow that hasn't drifted and have about an inch
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