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  1. Thanks for sharing. I remember back to the early 80s and running into the kitchen to hear Jim Witt give the forecast on WHUD radio, good memories. My mom got his long term weather calendar for years, that was always fun to flip through as soon as she got it.
  2. Jim Witt, a blast from the past for me, twice in one day his name came up for me.
  3. There’s actually discussion here, a good amount of which is over my head but discussion nonetheless.
  4. IrishRob17


  5. Forecasted low of 47 here, looking forward to it.
  6. Put a tent over that circus, Christ! As for the weather here, more clouds than sun all day but delightful dews.
  7. Don! Love reading your stats and loving these dews.
  8. I sometimes miss those days but I don’t miss arsehole parents who think they are watching the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, etc.
  9. A delightful Football Saturday morning, dews in the low 50s. Go Irish!
  10. I had you pegged as a Baltimore fan ?
  11. Would you really want his drama on your team?
  12. In order to make that assessment I would need some communication...oh yeah, there hasn't been any...
  13. I've been a Jet fan before, its long story who I root for now but I digress, Joe Klecko is one of my all time favorite football players but I'm showing my age now to some LOL
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