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  1. NHC doesnt see much strengthening with this system I suppose
  2. Who else is surprised Dorian is strengthening as it heads to Nova Scotia?
  3. Oz model mean shows a possible track closer to the Carolinas but seems intent on bypassing Florida almost altogether.
  4. Just watched Levi Cowan's update on Hurricane Dorian. Seems that the trough is racing across Tennessee. Would be surpirsed if it didnt pick up Dorian tonight
  5. Seems a little premature, no? The hurricane is expected to be offshore and is fairly small in size
  6. Also, given how Florence barely syrengthened last year while traversing the gulf stream (went from high category 1 to low category 2), it might be overblown to say that Dorian will intensify over the gulf stream or even keep its same intensity
  7. Amazing to see what Florida and the rest of the southeast will be dodging with this storm. It could have been real deadly and real costly. Gotta thank that trough though. Seems like analogs are pretty good tools after all.
  8. I guess they look at the majority of spaghetti models which show no where near florida coast
  9. NHC must be very confident that Dorian won't go anywhere near Florida. Maybe they are looking at stuff not available totl the public
  10. Do we think the 8 am advisory upgrades it to a category 5?
  11. Everyone agree that it will either *officially* make landfall as category 5 on either abaco island or grand banana?
  12. Bernie Rayno still not convinced that Dorian travks well away from Florida's coast. He thinks it night even landfall in North Carolina. Thoughts?
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