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  1. If I had to guess from this far out, I would assume this system will be a cutter. Early Decemeber rarely performs for Mid Atlantic coast. Maybe we get another wintry shot after the initial one before the push of mild weather in the 2nd half of December.
  2. Hopefully this isn't the curse of seeing the storm portrayed so well early on curse. If this pattern can hold through december, with not much of a warm-up, we can definitely make up for snow lost last year.
  3. If only the Pacific looked better, then we would have a real good december on our hands
  4. Unfortunately that is what is said every year and we know how it turned out last year.
  5. So which analog was this? Confusing read to the average joe...lol
  6. Well now it's not lookng like the first week of December will even be cold for us here.
  7. Seems like a great pattern setting up. Hopefully its not too esrly for this pattern and it doesn't break down by the time real winter comes along
  8. So basically, in my eyes (please call me out if I'm wrong), it seems that the ECMWF and GFS are both showing a trough over the Eastern U.S. around Thanksgiving and a ridge over the Wst U.S. However, the big difference is that there is pacific polar flow coming into the East U.S. due to the ridge being pulled a little west, while the GFS has pure cold air pouring into East U.S. coming straight from the arctic due to a block setting up around Alaska. On the ECMWF, there seems to be a block set up around Alaska, but no blocking near Greenland. In short, the ECMWF still shows chilliness and storminess around the East U.S. but not set into a pattern due to a slight polar flow from the pacific. However, the GFS shows a stormy and cold pattern setting up over the East U.S. and getting locked into a pattern for the next few weeks. Again, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. The low pressure in the Aleutians would cause what? The low goes up and around the ridge and down into the lower 48?
  10. What are the impacts of that MJO phase for north east? What would have to happen this winter for it to not be a repeat of last winter. Thank you
  11. Should be a great tracking season. Off to a good start, lets hope it continues
  12. The amazing smell of fall and burning firewood is permeating the air tonight. It's wonderful. The beauty of fall and tracking a snow event for the Northeast... in November. It truly is great, I hope the pattern keeps up
  13. Probably at least a few inches inland, and some wet snow along the coast that may or may not stick. Not bad for mid November. Only thing to be concerned about though is how models showed a wintry solution and then trended north. That happened last year... the whole winter. Sometimes you get 2 in a row
  14. The cold air strating this weekend is going to be very impressive. Forget about snow or no snow... that is all up in the air. But the cold air that will be around for the next few weeks will be stunning.
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