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  1. From the 12z UKMET. This would be an impressive disaster.
  2. This is a very scary scenario for eastern VA. The 12z para GFS does almost the same thing.
  3. Mikeeng92

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    This is horrible timing too
  4. Meanwhile down in Virginia and Maryland the wind hype was very real. Even overperforming in some areas.Thousands without power, fires, and multiple fatalities due to wind damage.
  5. Mikeeng92

    The Banter Thread

    This is a frustrating storm to track due to the northwest precipitation shield being cut off every model run. I feel like were so close but so far.
  6. Heavy snow down in Richmond with an upgrade to a winter storm warning. It was 40 degrees earlier but everything is beginning to stick , even roads.
  7. Mikeeng92


  8. Mikeeng92


    I was there helping.
  9. Mikeeng92


    This was along a bay on the southeast side of the island.
  10. Mikeeng92


    I took these photos on St John. Was wondering if anyone could comment on the V patterns the winds made on the mountain sides. A resident there who lived on a mountain claimed he measured a wind gust of 212 mph.
  11. Brett Adair just picked up Mike Theiss on live feed. Mike Stated his car rolled off the road.
  12. I like how the low moves north into New England. 1888 and 1947 did that.