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  1. Snow accumulating on grass and elevated surfaces with radar looking pretty good still. West end of Richmond VA.
  2. Snow starting to mix in Richmond, VA. Should get a nice burst of snow before it ends based on trends.
  3. Would like to sacrifice the 28 for a bigger threat later in that week.
  4. Did the November storm trend south last minute ?
  5. Was in Northern Westchester for 2/14/07. 7" of snow followed by 3-4" of pure sleet. Was a surreal experience and a high impact event. 4" of sleet does not move easily.
  6. Yesterday the trends were for the stronger Friday wave to act as a 50/50. Are today’s problem runs from a weaker Friday wave or is the TPV being uncooperative regardless of the 50/50?
  7. Still 5 days away. It Was not gonna be 5 days of awesome model runs.
  8. 2” of icy slop here. Can’t complain after the epic December in Richmond. Really looking forward to the next month.
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