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  1. 1917 was incredible I highly recommend watching it.
  2. Looks like the RGEM and GEMLAM nailed this event for Long Island...
  3. I was going to say JFK dewpoint is -2 right now there's no way you were 15 lol
  4. This can't be accurate with that weird spike look. The dewpoint is -45 at 875mb in the Trenton area AFTER some WAA precip moved through already?
  5. The winds were blowing out of the northeast during this system throughout the entire event. Unfortunately we don't have such luck with this upcoming system.
  6. Due to the nature of the shape and orientation of Ocean County, we really can't choose which section to place the whole county. I'd cut it in half somewhere around where the word Burlington is written to separate central from south. Same thing for Burlington county actually.
  7. This is LGA on 11/15/18. Look at the wind direction, it's the last column. You are absolutely correct.
  8. Our hope here on the coast was to get a nice slug of moisture well out ahead of the low. This has now been completely taken away as CCB showed and therefore very little falls while we are still cold enough to snow. Away from the coast is a different story.
  9. The thing is we don't really have any CAD. That requires some type of anchored High pressure that funnels in cold air. The High pressure is retreating quickly and the cold air is easily pushed out in this setup.
  10. It looks like the Euro is strongest with the southerly winds and the air they advect into the coastal plain.
  11. Looks like classic 90s winter storm tracks. Growing up all I heard on the news was "north and west of the city."
  12. My fault, I realize it says tristate. I am talking about north Queens.
  13. They are close but the above freezing layer starts just below 925mb, so while 925mb might be -1C, 950 is like +1 or 2C. So that't not all snow.
  14. Yea the trends are really not good. I'm hoping for a quick solid inch just to see my surroundings white for a few hours before the inevitable spike to 40 degrees and rain.
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