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  1. I went through your links. Nothing there is false (although I can't read the WSJ, it's paywalled.) But it doesn't really paint the full picture. It's paints part of it. First I wanted to mention that 93% of all people that believe in a god in the3 are Christian, so the odds of a hospitalization or death being a Christian is going to be high regardless. Also, despite a very sizable portion of Republicans being white, they still aren't enough to make whites the lowest vaccinated with respect to their population size: So there is work
  2. Do you have link that breaks down deaths by demographics, political affiliation and religion?
  3. Pretty pathetic for the city overall. Especially because it's so liberal. The antivaxxers are quite a variety of people, something you really don't hear in the media. I like how everyone makes fun of Staten Island for having unvaccinated Republicans and they're not even the least vaccinated. Besides, the 500k who live on all of Staten Island also pale in comparison to the 2.6 million who live in Brooklyn and almost 2 million who live in the Bronx.
  4. I get the joke and it is super stupid for people to take the medication which has been clinically proven to do nothing at all against Covid. But Ivermectin is in fact used in people all the time, just not really in United States. When people mock this medicine as something that is foreign and should never be used in people (it's horse dewormer! Oh no!) it's the exact same argument antivaxxers use when they say vaccines for example contain formaldehyde and oh no that's used for dead bodies and found in cars and furniture! How can you take the vaccine with that factory
  5. Looks like a radiational cooling night, of course the city will be baking relative to its surroundings. It's one of the worst qualities of the city weather wise.
  6. Mulgrew isn't fighting anything. What are you talking about bro. He basically said ok everyone you have until September 27th to get your first shot. No pushback at all. Zero. And BTW the chancellor also said that they expect first shot people to also update when they get the second shot.
  7. It wasn't because he was old or white or male. I hate the identity labels so much they make me nauseous. It was because he had established relationships with many communities. It was because he was a moderate and the vast majority of people in the country are also moderates and despise the zeal on the fringes that has been given WAY too much control over the narratives that play out in this country. He also didn't spend his whole day on Twitter trying to score cheap points with his "team." That's why he won.
  8. Facts are boring. We need borderline lies to bring in those clicks.
  9. I read he also got a booster shot! Lol this guy.
  10. I was talking about the Afghan army. We bankrolled it for 20 years.
  11. Exactly. And not just any part of Europe, or even a next door country that shares culture, values, customs, language, climate, etc.
  12. It was never a real army. They were just looking for a steady income from American taxpayers. Stay tuned for a few million 20 something year old able-bodied "men" crossing through 20 countries to get to the Democratic Socialist Utopias.
  13. I'd like to know the answer to this question as well.
  14. I remember hearing about Greece making a deal with Israel about a trial for a medication awhile back so the trial is definitely real. If the results are legit then that would be great. Put it in a bottle or blister pack and send it to the pharmacies haha
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