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  1. Jesus now that's a cold shot.
  2. At one point the sunset looked like we were in close orbit around a red dwarf star. The sun was a bit higher than this pic and the clouds gave it a cool look.
  3. Some downsloping tends to take a bit of the bite out of the cold when the winds are westerly. Best wind direction for brutal cold is NNW or northerly. That's not to say brutal cold can't happen with westerly winds. I think the cold of January 94 had westerly winds.
  4. There was more snow just to their east. I had over 8 inches in eastern Queens and I think parts of Nassau were near 10 inches.
  5. GOES17 goes operational on December 10th, replacing 20+ year old satellite technology. It's the first time we will have high resolution images and data for the Pacific Ocean and western North America. Hopefully this helps with modeling going into this winter.
  6. Same thing happened in November 2012. LGA reported about an inch of accumulation. Their ASOS is like 50 feet from the water. On the southern side of the airport where the marine terminal entrance is (away from the water) there was about 4 inches on the ground underneath the welcome sign. I am about 7 or 8 blocks from the water and I had 8 inches of paste.
  7. This bust is one of the best ever because it also happened on November 15th. It's already hard enough to get such a positive bust when it's supposed to snow, but in mid November?
  8. So better odds than Upton gave the park reaching 6 inches. I'll take it! Lol
  9. Lol I love this. Steady light snow again. Incredible night.
  10. Wow that's insane. 2018 and we still bust like this, at least this one was in our favor.
  11. Let's see what this next batch moving in to the city from NJ does.
  12. Even the snowy models had nothing for large parts of Suffolk, albeit farther east in the county. Major major bust.
  13. 28 degrees at Central Park, 30 degrees at our local tropical spot, LGA. Wow