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  1. Usually between 800 and 900mb but not always
  2. The GFS led the way on this. Euro took the longest to show snow for the coast. Good ol Euro
  3. I've told people 5 to 7 inches for most in or around the NYC area. I think most people will fall somewhere in that range, with a few exceptions above and below it
  4. I like the little closed contour of 32 degrees over Long Island. It shows how everyone is pretty much within a few tenths of freezing.
  5. Is that from a snowmap? I remember the surface maps were not too hot until 18z.
  6. The Euro had almost the same look for last night, where the 850 line was straddling the southern Westchester border or thereabouts. Same for the 32 degree line. I think it only came around for the coast at 18z last evening.
  7. The same mixing issues the Euro had for last night until the last possible minute. Meanwhile metfan who lives on a buoy off the coast of Coney Island got 4 inches of all snow.
  8. People are jaded bro. No one trusts anything anymore this season. I know I don't until I see the snow physically on the ground.
  9. Sundog


  10. What happened is that there was an international data format change right as the shutdown happened. The employees that were responsible with updating the models so that the newly formatted data can be ingested by the models were considered non essential and therefore the GFS is ingesting less data than it should.
  11. I read the GFS is receiving less data than it should be because of the shutdown.
  12. Still just inside shorts with sweater territory.
  13. This is what ensemble means usually look like in the long range when have a legit favorable pattern. Usually they show absurd amounts of snowfall in the mid Atlantic and north.
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