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  1. No joke first time I've ever heard of TNH. I liked how he correlated above normal NE Pacific SSTs with the TNH and showing the resulting pattern. It led to a very interesting jet stream configuration, the kind that dislodges deep arctic air. I really hope it works out!
  2. Eh not really. If that was the case we'd have hundreds of politicians getting busted. We've only really had two so far?
  3. I was an altar boy for years. I'm familiar with church, church services, etc. Pretty sure I heard that you can pray at home if you want. So insisting on going to the actual structure during a pandemic (as numbers are surging no less) is selfish ungodly behavior. Something tells me Jesus would have said stay home guys you can pray from anywhere.
  4. If only it was possible to only have religious observers who attend these buildings die instead of innocents around them. If that was the case I wouldn't care if they packed religious buildings like sardines with no masks. Selfish pricks.
  5. This data puts one of the biggest smiles on my face. You know all the liberals will just pretend this didn't happen right? They are going to go ahead and pretend that over a third of Hispanics that voted for Trump simply didn't happen. Did I also read correctly that 18% of black men voted for Trump?
  6. You can have different opinions. But what if I told you it is my opinion that the Moon is made of cheese? How would you respond? Do we have to give equal weight and importance to every opinion solely based on the fact that they are opinions? Shouldn't we have some type of baseline regarding quality before an opinion can be discussed? Would you waste time with me if I told you the Moon is made of cheese?
  7. The Euro has 850mb temps approaching 20C in north central Alberta on December 3rd.
  8. I am also against peddling false information about public health, where we all pay the price. That's not free speech. That's yelling fire in a movie theater.
  9. Not triggered at all. But you keep posting the same thing every day. I can find a post on twitter that will support literally any position I want. Imagine I came in here every day with tweets about ACAB?
  10. Are you going to be posting every goddam tweet you come across? Biden was supposed to win Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas. Trump stole those states with rampant election fraud. Biden is supposed to have 400 electoral votes. Evidence of this massive fraud by Trump will be released shortly.
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