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  1. The CDC/NIH staff is not representative of the country as a whole though. I find it utterly shocking that the vaccination rate is not somewhere in the 90s, where the only people left without the vaccine are the people who medically can't get one. It's absurd that average joes in many states have reached past 60% vaccination for adults, like NY (I assume children don't work at the CDC) with at least one shot and the CDC of all places is still hovering at 48%. Why would that be so? It's actually lower than the national average since 48% is out of the total population.
  2. I just want to say thanks for this daily info I check it every day. Now I better see myself out so I don't spoil the peck.
  3. Tell your friend there's more mercury in his tuna sandwich than in any vaccines. The mRNA vaccines don't have any of that stuff in them anyway.
  4. I should say not solely the cause, but contributing to it.
  5. Blood clots affect people whether they get the Covid vaccine or not. When you have vaccinated 150 million people already does everyone really think that none of them will die soon after? We average 8,000 deaths a day nationwide. All the people who reported blood clots were women of child bearing age. Is it possible a birth control they were taking (which have been known for a long time to increase your chances of a blood clot) be the cause?
  6. Arm soreness is not unique to the Covid vaccine BTW. Any intramuscular shot will give you arm soreness. My yearly flu shot which is also intramuscular also gives me arm soreness.
  7. No one ever said snow was going away forever. No one serious with any credentials anyway. The green sector is the fastest expanding job sector in the economy. It's definitely money making, but not for the reasons you think. It's not a scam. I'm a capitalist and I'm happy that we can create high quality American employment while helping the planet at the same time. Win win. I'm tired of limiting my large fish intake because of mercury poisining from coal power plant pollution.
  8. It's pretty obvious that the vast majority of people are simply not capable of having a good faith discussion anymore. They are always trying to guess what you are thinking or what you will say next and attack that instead of what was actually said. Assumptions get made and feelings dictate the conversation and that's not a way to have any type of quality discussion. I will stick to the weather side. Life is too short.
  9. My immigration plan has been the same for over a decade: instant citizenship for anyone in the country right now. Simultaneously, right after that policy goes into place, any business caught employing someone who is not a citizen will be severely punished/shut down, and not allowed to do tricks like put the business in a family member's name. So with this plan you solve the crisis at the border, the people who are scared to walk around freely can now breathe easy, the abuse that employers carry out on their illegal workers since they know they can't go to the cops will end, the pa
  10. I'd love to know where I said the bolded. What you derived from my post and what was actually said are not the same thing.
  11. Nationwide it's probably not an issue. But I live here and so I truly think here it's going to hamper us. Cryptocurrency is weird. I mean I know how it works but it just seems so unecessary. What's pissing me off is it's making literally every decent to good graphics card impossible to find.
  12. The funny thing is my parents are immigrants lol. I didn't learn English until I was 6. But we didn't live in the shadows. My grandparents and parents (they were kids at the time) were sponsored. For some reason liberals have lost the ability to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. All this started about 6 or 7 years ago. And now a once in a lifetime pandemic has happened and it's just adding an additional burden to our ability to fight this virus back. So I've given up on herd immunity. Too much to overcome.
  13. Well what should happen is we need to get illegal immigrants vaccinated including the "moron population" as our friend put it vaccinated. In big cities these groups are found in significant numbers. If you can't convince them then you can't do anything. Protecting those that can't get a vaccine was always supposed to be a collective effort. Since that's not happening those people who can't get a vaccine are f_cked.
  14. Both groups are a problem. Virus doesn't care about your legal status. I think it's easier to convince the moron population though. They're not worried about being tracked.
  15. Honestly I'm off the herd immunity train. It's not happening. I'll just get my kids vaccinated when it's released and I'll get my booster shot for the variants and we'll probably be ok. This doesn't help the people who have a medical reason why they can't get vaccinated though so clearly they're going to be cut loose. Sad.
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