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  1. This looks good at this juncture. Huge improvements. What we want!
  2. This is nuts. Temps after this week don't look like they're going above 50 for the foreseeable future. Remember HOT October? Me either!! hahaaaa
  3. Thanks for sharing this Tom, looking forward to this coming winter!
  4. LMAO that was great. I listen to Boomer and Giannotti on and off, and I like Boomer's take on a lot of stuff but Giannotti is just OK - his impersonations, some of them, are great, but outside of that he's limited.
  5. Holmdel park is great. When the other lakes/streams get packed during the start to trout season, I take my daughter there. It's real nice and there's so much stuff to do!
  6. The ocean will cool, it always does. It's only going to take a few cold airmasses and some canadian air to drive those temps down with colder nights and less sun beating down on them. Give it time!
  7. i just saw somewhere else that coastal NC/SC is already seeing the water rise as this beast is pushing water right into their shoreline
  8. Those rainfall numbers are insane. In regard to intensity were talking similarity to Camille and Andrew here - wow
  9. Snow just stopped here. Great storm for late March for us. We wound up with slightly over 10" here right at the beach. Didn't make that foot but those 10" fell in approximately 12 hours. Very impressive. One thing I've learned about March snow, especially late March snow - you need crazy rates, low temps, and low sun angle to produce nice accumulations. Most of the day yesterday we fought through subsidence, had some snow and loads of sleet, but it never got going until after 4PM for us. Whatever the case we made a nice comeback here in Ocean county, and put a nice capper on our seasonal snow totals.
  10. We're in a precip hole here in ocean county - expecting that to fill in fast
  11. Winds are honking NE at the beach steady 20 kts
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