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  1. From yesterday didn’t have a chance to post. Had pea sized hail and some pretty nasty wind gusts.
  2. By the way I think some of the tornadoes in the Carolinas will be high ef2s or ef3s. Some of them had nasty couplets associated with them and the damage photos I’ve seen back it up.
  3. A lot of coffee was consumed this week. Balancing 70 hr work weeks and weather is hard .
  4. Good job everyone top notch posting over the last week and a half. Enjoyed the discussion and reception to my posts. Look forward to the next threat. This winters gonna rock!
  5. my timeshares gonna be wiped off the map its directly on the water.
  6. None it clouded up as soon as it landfalled due to land interaction edit: all videos show a sort of fog.
  7. Watching live coverage from the Bahamas, they’re saying there were complications at abaco school. Josh might not be checking in as soon as we thought. They’re also saying a lot of the shelter builders were heavily damaged and compromised.
  8. Jesus these videos coming in are insane.
  9. I don’t know how to hot link twitter posts if a mod or admin wants to edit please do. This guy is nuts though he’s outside in it.
  10. Wonder if josh gets satellite signal to post eye pictures.
  11. Dude is calm as a cucumber, I’d be huddled in a corner waiting for the calm in the eye.
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