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  1. These are definitely dangerous in terms of lightning. Way far out of the path of the storm.
  2. Watch this cell 2 updrafts merged so it could produce a spinup, velocities are iffy atm but when two merge it can ramp quickly.
  3. Idk storm motion is ene to me and those storms to the southwest are strong and will probably make the whole trek especially with the primed environment.
  4. 3km nam is insane, granted it’s now casting time. Pockets of cape approaching 3500 are starting to pop up around the metro area.
  5. Improved drastically they severe warned it wouldn’t be surprised to see a tornado warning soon considering velocities.
  6. Maybe a brief spin up with this storm soon. Surprised there’s no severe warning with it yet either considering velocities in the high 50’s.
  7. Actually awful outside, at least the stage is set for storms this evening.
  8. I’ll be posted up on grymes hill trying to get lightning video and shots. Thank god im working the night shift tomorrow. I’ll try to post what I get tonight.
  9. Gust front from the storms swept thru Staten Island and wiped out power at my job. Fun.....
  10. Literally up and running for like a month and a half before it breaks again. Edit: it’s back up
  11. @donsutherland1 00 NOUS61 KPHI 292157 FTMDIX Message Date: Jun 29 2019 22:26:30 KDIX radar has gone down, and attempts to restart it have failed. Technicians ha ve been notified. Thank you for your patience.
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