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  1. NAVGEM looks to be all snow down to about sandy hook for the entire event, temps dont go above 0c at 850.
  2. it thickens it out in reality you can eat away at the inner portion of the line to get the real 850 line.
  3. It is indeed the 0c line at 850mb.
  4. Heres the map with the coastline drawn out.
  5. Im going to work some voodoo and clean up the later image with zoom.
  6. 00z looks colder for later frames on the atari IMO
  7. 850mb temps must've cut the legend.
  8. @33andrain Here you go boss man.
  9. Edited ukie map for your viewing pleasure, editing prior frame now.
  10. They resolve LI as ocean on these graphics.
  11. Here’s 00z for comparison.