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  1. This question was asked many times over the years, in general no as long as it isn’t light snow.
  2. True story that 3-4” speck on Staten Island is over my house.
  3. I find it cool that our storm came from this lil guy all the way from the west coast. A full 7 days ago, that’s how long it took to cross the country.
  4. A throwback to the greatest storm I’ve ever experienced.
  5. Just about 4” here thus far. North side of Staten Island was in a beefy band most of the afternoon.
  6. No storm will ever beat the March 3rd 2018 storm in cobleskill for me. 40”+ of snow u see a death band that parked over me for 10+ hours dumping 3-4”+ an hour at points.
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