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  1. If the new normal is to shutdown the economy every time a new virus shows up, we're going to get more frequent recessions, societal disruptions and stock market crashes. And that doesn't even begin to address the cost of government intervention.
  2. My 2 year running snow deficit is 39 inches.
  3. We don't know how many people have the virus, but we know 36 people have died from it... 9 of which were in one building. It seems a lot of people have it... but virtually no one is dying from it in the US. There is much hoopla about not enough people being tested... but isn't the critical number actual deaths? What am I missing here? I'm not trying to be provocative. And I'm not even going to pretend to be remotely intelligent. We are voluntarily shutting down the US economy over this. in 2009 for H1N1 we did no such thing and no one cared.
  4. At some point the market will have to start pricing in the post-virus recovery. We're always told the market is forward looking. You don't have to look too far forward to see virus mania easing. And what if the virus itself doesn't get that bad in the US? We still have less than 100,000 confirmed cases on the planet, 90% of which are in China. 50,000 of confirmed cases (globally) are now classified as "recovered." At some point the hysteria needs to match the reality. Maybe that will happen, but it hasn't happened yet.
  5. That's astonishing. I never knew that about Chinese hospitals. For years I've been watching ADV China (a youtube channel), in which 2 westerners describe life in China. They lived there for over 10 years, and only in the last year have moved to the US. They provide excellent insight into life in China. China is very, very different.
  6. I agree with you. The media loves to hype and imply impending doom. On Friday evening on CNBC I literally heard them say, "BREAKING NEWS! Another confirmed case in California." It's infuriating that it's presented in that way. It's reported in such a way as to alarm and grab you and keep your attention (ratings).
  7. There is more than a hint of hysteria regarding this virus scare. Nobody even blinks at the fact that the CDC says there have been between 18,000 and 45,000 deaths in the US this season from the flu. Plus 500,000 hospitalizations, and between 32 and 45 million cases of the flu. That's this season alone. Imagine if the media started announcing every new case of the flu... and every death from the flu. Everyone would be paranoid.
  8. This truly is an impressive disaster in the stretch run. If there's no additional snow, this will be the 5th least snowy winter since the year 1900 at my location.
  9. December 2018 through January 2020, total snowfall: 17.8 inches. Average snowfall for that time scale: 40.4 inches.
  10. Dearly departed Tom has been saying all along late Feb into March is a possible shot, and nothing but puke until then. He is the smartest man on earth. In fact, it's possible he isn't a man at all, but rather a Google artificial intelligence experiment. Seriously, dearly departed Tom never bends to model false flags. There have been plenty and he doesn't flinch. The man has his method. He uses words that I have literally never heard before in my life.... and I have heard many a word. Dearly departed Tom is currently sticking to his pre-season total snowfall prediction.... which would man we will see some genuine snow before spring brings death. I'm already excited and terrified of November 2020. Why? Because of the election? No. In November dearly departed Tom will tell us, with remarkable certainty, what the winter of 2021 will bring.
  11. In my area through January 31st, over the last 4 decades, 80% of winters have had more snow than 19-2020. Current season snow total locally is 4.8 inches. Of the years with less snow than this one, the average snowfall for the rest of the winter (Feb - April) was 8.1 inches. The historical average is 15 inches. This winter certainly feels like it's in that ugly group.
  12. I can't even imagine. That poor family. Years ago the town openly embraced ice skating on this particular pond. Then they stopped it. It's on township property. I think they feared getting sued for injuries. For years now, they've just had a sign that says "keep off the ice." But 13 year old boys are going to be 13 years old boys.
  13. A couple hundred yards from my front door, a 13 year old kid fell through thin ice and died this evening. It really puts in perspective the things we get upset over on weather forums.
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