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  1. I can't even imagine. That poor family. Years ago the town openly embraced ice skating on this particular pond. Then they stopped it. It's on township property. I think they feared getting sued for injuries. For years now, they've just had a sign that says "keep off the ice." But 13 year old boys are going to be 13 years old boys.
  2. A couple hundred yards from my front door, a 13 year old kid fell through thin ice and died this evening. It really puts in perspective the things we get upset over on weather forums.
  3. I'm in East Brunswick... I stick a ruler in the ground every time it snows. 40 year February average snowfall is 9.3 inches (dec 4.6" jan 8.9" march 5.1"). There are a lot of sub par February's. On the other hand, when we do have a big month, it tends to be February. feb 2006: 19.1" feb 2007: 2.3" feb 2008: 6.7" feb 2009: 5.8" feb 2010: 40.0" feb 2011: 1.0" feb 2012: 1.2" feb 2013: 8.3" feb: 2014: 28.0" feb 2015: 14.1" feb 2016: 7.1" feb 2017: 4.4" feb 2018: 3.9" feb 2019: 3.7"
  4. In our area, the last time we had an above normal February snow total was 2015. We've had below average snowfall in February in 10 of the last 13 years. 3 of the last 5 years March has been well above average.
  5. If the Feb 3, 2014 storm had started 12 hours earlier, the Super Bowl would have been played in a driving snowstorm. It frustrates me to this day. That would have been the ultimate cherry-on-top for that tremendous winter. ((Now then. Feel free to move this to banter. Buh bye now))
  6. the ground is white. This will actually be a measurable snowfall.
  7. Jeebus H. It's actually legitimately snowing.
  8. This hobby is like being a Jets fan. There are so many ways to be tortured.
  9. 2018 was pretty good. we couldn't maintain snow-cover but locally we had 46 inches. what we absolutely, positively do not want ever again (in this lifetime or any other) is the snow drought of the late 80s early 90s. that crap would take years off my life.
  10. The majority of our snow the last 2 years has fallen at 33 degrees. I'm craving a cold snowstorm.
  11. 5 times in the previous 40 years we've had 2 snowfalls of at least 1" in the first 2 weeks of December. Those full winters, best to worst... 13-2014... 57.0" 17-2018... 46.2" 03-2004... 42.3" 05-2006... 29.6" 90-1991... 16" 2 other big years barely miss the criteria... 02-2003 and 95-1996
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