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  1. that's part of the reason i wanted to see the mt. holly numbers. because you got nicely tucked-in that southern edge of that 6" line. that rapidly dropped off moving southeast. i measured 4.2" here. i've measured 377 snowfalls (all in middlesex county) since 1978, and of those 377, this was only the 5th pre November 20th snowfall.
  2. thanks, brother! you have mystical powers.
  3. is there any place on the friggin mt. holly site where where i can find snow totals from yesterday? a 15 minute spree of clicking on anything remotely related has left me with nothing. god forbid they should post it on the homepage.
  4. temp continues to drift down. 31.1 F. it was 33.3 around 5pm all sleet right now.
  5. 4.2" in East Brunswick. light snow. winter is just 5 weeks away!
  6. i came up with 78" in 1996. by far the snowiest winter ever in the area. i have the 20th century annual totals for Rutgers New Brunswick and there wasn't (and presumably hasn't been) any other winter to reach 60" other than 1996.
  7. thanks! i've been sticking rulers in the ground a long time!
  8. that was 11/22-23/89. 5.5" that's why my list was "pre-nov 20th"
  9. Here in the middle of Middlesex county, it really never wants to snow in mid November. October, historically, has proved snowier. Since the mid 1970s the only 1"+ pre-november 20th snowfalls are as follows: October 10, 1979....1" October 28, 2008... 1.5" October 29, 2011... 3.9" November 7, 2012... 6.5"
  10. green tube

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    with Isotherm now checking in... it's good to have the middle of this forum's lineup all supporting a 40+ inch winter. way back in the 20th century, 40+ winters only occurred 20% of the time.
  11. green tube

    Isotherm’s Winter Outlook 2018-19

    Isotherm saves December!
  12. green tube

    Griteater's Winter Outlook (18-19)

    like everybody else, i read Isotherm's post 6 times (okay, 9 times).... with a magnifying glass. i thought it sounded pretty positive.
  13. green tube

    Wfan Sports Radio Discussion Nyc

    on a side note, Carton is one of the single most annoying broadcasters i've ever heard. he babbled so much nonsense and suffered from excessive diarrhea of the mouth during his stint on WFAN. the morning show is way better without him.
  14. green tube

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    with the election over, the only remaining relevant unknown is Isotherm's winter forecast. i think he'll go with 32" for NYC this winter. i'll be honest. the man scares me. his verdict carries a lot of weight.
  15. green tube

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    at my location the average annual snowfall in this century (2001-2018) is 32.9 inches. the entire 20th century average was 26 inches (Rutgers New Brunswick). This decade right now is averaging 37" to date. that blows away any decade since before 1900.