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  1. last year we 4 feet of snow but it seemed like about 10 days of snow cover. can't win even when we're winning.
  2. after dusk, the sun angle in april is the same as late december.
  3. The street i live on was brined this evening. It's madness.
  4. i pretty much like snow and hate everything else. by the way, i have even less snow than i posted. i was at work when i posted the total. when i looked at what i actually measured i'm at 12.9" for the season. and november continues to be the snowiest month at my location.
  5. 13.3" oh the humanity. 20 miles north of me probably had that much this past weekend alone.
  6. thanks, neighbor! i had no confidence in any forecast, so i'll take whatever i get
  7. <<<<standing ovation>>>> i get so tired of hearing people wanting winter to end. it's March. it's a winter month. and the last one for a long time.
  8. funny... this year sucked, last year was great, the year before was meh. the average of the last 3 years is right in line with the historical average. averages are really hard to shake.
  9. the mix line now moving north decisively. that freakin Driscoll bridge is about to screw me again.
  10. 2" in east brunswick at 9:30. just steady light to mod snow. any heavy bursts have been momentary
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