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  1. Several years ago I heard the exact same thing about the navy model... that it was specifically for ocean interests. Last night I looked into it on the NOAA and Navy sites. There's no specific description of the model on those sites that suggests the model is more useful over oceans and less useful over landmasses. But it begs the question, why would the navy have its own model if it didn't need it?
  2. In honor of this winter, 33 AND RAIN should change its name to 43 AND PARTLY CLOUDY. (...not withstanding opportunities ahead, of course...)
  3. It hasn't wanted to snow here (IMBY) for the last 3 winters. The previous 2 winters were greater than 50% below average snowfall, and well before the next time it snows this year, it will be below average. Mean reversion for 2010 - 2015 is a bitch.
  4. Historically it feels like 99% of clippers are too dry, too far north, or hop over us as they transfer energy to a missed coastal.
  5. It' snowing by mid day on the 14th per euro.
  6. These days, most clean-up hitters are NOT feast or famine. ((( It's so easy to drift into banter. Sorry. Banter over!!!)))
  7. I'm an idiot and I even understand the potential. By mid month, It's the equivalent of having your clean-up hitter at the plate. He's going to see a lot of pitches. But you're asking him to hit a home run as he's walking up to the plate.
  8. It's worth noting, if there was a NYC weather forum Hall of Fame, you'd be in it.
  9. We torturously wait 365 days a year for the 7 events (on average) that produce 1"+ of snow. Try explaining that to a normal person.
  10. 1996 had 2 major rain events in January. And 9 straight days above 50 F (four of which were above 60 F) in February. That was a record at the time, may still be. ..and still ended up with 78 inches of snow
  11. 3 of those 5 years are among the snowiest winters on record in our area. The other 2 are close to the historic mean.
  12. As best as I can tell, the only reason we're preoccupied with snow on Christmas is because Irving Berlin happened to write a song in 1942 in which he dreamed of a white Christmas. Little did he know the high standard he was chiseling in stone.
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