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  1. I guess since you don't have any hallucinations of snow from where you are, you can think around the model hysteria. great post.
  2. That run of the Euro was insane, it snowed at 7 degrees here in Asheville, and then we nearly broke the record for lowest recorded temperature. I know this won't happen, but the pattern is amazing, and this just shows one of the millions of possibilities.
  3. does the membership automatically renew?
  4. Here's the Rankings: 1. Snow 2. IP 3. Rain 4. 33andRain 5. ZR
  5. Your pictures are in between two 'waves' of -nao
  6. The southern shortwave is further south, less strung out to the north and west, and the wave in the TPV that has been forecast to phase is looking further north.
  7. The west coast ridge is so much better this run than last.
  8. Just a quick question. I am planning to get this for only one month. Does this automatically renew it for the next month? Thanks.
  9. go out to 384 on the gefs snowfall mean and see how far south the 2 in mean goes. This is an insane pattern.
  10. atm the trends are getting colder in NC. Could be a bad ice/sleet storm.
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