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  1. Not a forecaster, but I feel mother nature will pay big a big way during the summer
  2. Mood flakes in the air tonight
  3. Appreciate the love radar, but it's light rain here.
  4. Started mixing here. Rain/Sleet/Snow temp down to 35
  5. You're mixed in Brooklyn? Hm that's's all rain here In Jersey City(southern jc near Bayonne)
  6. Lol we're all going to get nailed. Great minds here have called it since day 1. Dilly dilly
  7. Reef


  8. Light to occasionally moderate snow continues here in Jersey City,NJ. Nice solid dusting.
  9. There was a dusting of frozen on colder surfaces. Roads were "crunchy" Jersey City,Nj
  10. If youre depressed over weather, this hobby isnt meant for you. Mother nature will do what she wants, when she wants, and the sooner some people realize that, the better off they'll be. Trust in the great minds that put in so much work to let you know, that yes, it will snow.
  11. Rain/snow mix here in Jersey City,NJ
  12. Reef

    September 2018 Discussion and Observations

    Line got stronger once east of the hudson. Seeing a decent amount of lightning to my NNE