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  1. Nice deformation band off the NJ coast. I would of liked this storm even if I rained. Me thinks we see some nice winds in the AM
  2. My area usually fights off Marine influence due to the protection of long island...but sometimes with the right direction, we cool off dramatically. Right across the Newark Bay , they were in the upper 60s while I was in the mid 50s.
  3. Marine influence ruined the day here in Jersey City. Made it to 64 and dropped to 55 with a brisk onshore wind.
  4. Sleet is accumulating here(Jersey City) more frozen then i thought we'd get. The sleet is coming down out there
  5. Southern Jersey City taken at ~11:15 Currently 33 with heavy snow
  6. I'm out with my buddies throwing back cold ones...plan to walk through the thick of it. Cheers 33&
  7. Does look like rain tbh. Times Square via Earthcam though quality isn't that good.
  8. Snowing at a really good rate here in Jersey City. 34°f. Accumulating on cars and grassy surfaces though I expect that to change real soon.
  9. 35f with light snow here in Jersey City(South, near Bayonne)
  10. Sorry for those that missed out...Living in Jersey City(esp on the southern side) I know all to well.. in this case actually seems like south was good... Have about 4-5" here. Was ripping since 12.
  11. It is absolutely ripping here in Southern Jersey City. 1.0 and counting....real fast
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