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  1. “When people start talking about 20 percent of a population being infected, it’s very scary," she said during Thursday's White House briefing. "But we don’t have data that matches that based on the [actual] experience.” No, you don't have data that matches that yet, but based on our current trajectory they're about to, and I hope to god it stops there.
  2. Reading this is absolutely soul-crushing. It truly didn't have to come to this. I wonder how long before this is the case in NY, where they apparently won't need 30k ventilators.
  3. Went to the city for a quick trip before heading back to DE for winter break and came out of the Duane Reade on 8th and 34th around 7 pm and walked into a winter wonderland. Snow was coming down beautifully and lasted long enough for me to take the subway up to Rockefeller Center to see the tree as moderate snow fell around it. It was something out of a Christmas movie! Just gorgeous.
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