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  1. 25 degrees in Trumbull, CT and the snow is coming down!
  2. 3:29pm, flakes started falling in Trumbull, CT.
  3. No snow yet for SW CT. Should start soon though.
  4. So we skipped fall and went right to winter
  5. Sw CT northern Fairfield county upgraded to winter storm warning!
  6. Looks like Upton increased snow totals for sne
  7. Early dismissal for the kids today in my area.
  8. Here in trumbull, CT which is northern SW CT...it is 26 degrees and dew point is at 12.
  9. This is definitely not a sne special. Just glad I will be able to see some snow this early.
  10. 29 degrees with a wind chill of 17 here in ct