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  1. Has this system moved at all? Still waiting for that so called 5-10 inches here in northern sw ct
  2. When is this really suppose to kick off for sw ct? All we've had for the past hour is flurries.
  3. No, I didnt. Just did, ok that makes sense! Been busy with the kids to even look!
  4. Here in Trumbull, CT...we have a dusting, but we've had sleet and freezing rain. I am still wondering how we are still under a winter storm warning?
  5. 28 DEGREES in Trumbull CT. Currently have sleet! I'm not expecting much since I am in that one area of CT that is in the screw zone. Surprised I am still under a Winter Storm Warning.
  6. 28/15 in Trumbull, CT. I think my area gets the shaft, but hoping I am wrong!
  7. This is not the storm for SW CT. Too warm, but a lot of ice. Hopefully the next storm will bring us good snows!
  8. I am 65 miles north and east from NYC and upton has us getting 2-4 inches and ICE. Woof!
  9. SW CT under a Winter Storm Watch. They are saying 2-4 inches of snow and ICE! NO ICE!!
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