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  1. One of the other reasons that Supermarkets are closing early, so to give there employees who are selecting SHOP from HOME orders more time and space to do it safely.........
  2. plenty of places to get protein.......I would not be too worried
  3. 18z cmc-gdps only goes out to 84 hours....... just shows better jet stream orientation and system is a bit more amped then previous runs
  4. I can vouch for the Scotch Plains mixing, was just bringing in the recycling cans in here in Cranford, and there were a few pingers mixed in with the rain....... Just broke 40 to 39. I was 44 at 9:30
  5. heaviest of the night now here.......between 2.5 and 3......
  6. a touch of drizzle with a few flakes here in Cranford temp drop from 42 to 39 last hour
  7. My neighborhood is filled with ice patches on the side roads because of Sump Pump discharge
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