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  1. Winds now up to 65 mph with Barry. I assume it is undergoing a period of rapid inteensification
  2. we have 1.5-2 inches here in northeast queens. Think we make it to 7 or 8?
  3. 1.4 inches of snow so far in bayside, queens. should make up for lost time pretty soon hopefully
  4. just as a question, Mike Seidel said 5.4 inches of snow fell in Central Park friday night/saturday morning? I know it's not related to this thread but can anyone confirm that? I thought it was 4 inches in central park?
  5. snowing moderately and steady here in northeast queens. starting to stick to parking lots. not sure what is going on in manhattan
  6. Starting to stick to the outdoor deck now and cars as well here in Bayside, Queens.
  7. Heard that the new HRRR is colder and snowier. Possible school closings for NYC tomorrow?
  8. light flurries coming down in northeast queens. Bayside usually does better than other areas. Less UHI effect
  9. wven means something with water vapor and evaporation I'd assume?
  10. as in less snow for the I-95 corridor I assume?
  11. 4.6 inches of snow in Bayside, Queens. Still coming down
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