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  1. The seismograph in Brewton Alabama is picking up the wave action from Michael. Check out the seismogram:
  2. It missed most of the people. Landfall east of Panama City is a damned miracle. If this had put PC into the east eyewall it would've been another homestead.
  3. Mexico Beach cam may have just died. RIP cam. You did a great job. This was the footage I always dreamed of.
  4. This is real - it hasn't been whiteout except when conditions are insane. This is what it actually looks like in a Cat 4/5 100 ft from the coast.
  5. Conditions on Mexico Beach cam just substantially relaxed. Must be on edge of the eye. I do not understand how this camera has survived - it is surrounded by the ocean right now - but it is live and transmitting!
  6. I am serious, what could be worse than this? Visibility is near zero. Metal is being blow around like tissue paper. This is not survivable. WOW waves are now crashing by the Mexico Beach cam. So this is what a surge looks like!
  7. Now you can start, I THINK because it is just a grey ferocious blast of total annhiliation, to see some surge flowing by the Mexico Beach cam. I promise I am not exaggerating this at all. I have degrees. this is just that good.
  8. The change in intensity when the eyewall hit is impossible to describe. It went from "bad day at the beach" to APOCALYPSE in less than a minute. I have never seen anything like it outside of top tornado footage.
  9. The camera is facing, or I should say was, b/c its mostly gone now, Toucans on the Water in Mexico Beach. It is perfectly positioned and somehow still online!
  11. The footage from the Mexcio Beach remote cam is INCREDIBLE. The only thing I've ever seen like it is when they've gotten a cam into a F3+ tornado. My god, the wind!!
  12. I've been watching the Mexico Beach remote cam and its amazing how many little vortices flash by, every intense burst for the last 10 minutes has had one.
  13. The “pentagon” eye structure with 5 mesovortices is, IIRC, a particularly stable and dangerous one. I think there was a paper on it recently...
  14. If it stays on the forecast track, nothing is getting devastated. The stretch of coast around Apalachicola is about as empty as coastline gets in the US. This could be another Bret - a strong storm giving some livestock a pressure clean.
  15. IIRC, there’s some interesting work about predicting frequency of EWRC - they are quasi random, but the stability of an eyewall is a function of its size and SSTs, with the approximate conclusion that in an thermodynamic environment where convection fires off easily, an eye must be wider to be stable.
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