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  1. 27* 88% humidity 24* DP snow/sleet
  2. Been snowing since about 930ish.... roads are wet but clear. Sticking on cars and grass/sidewalks. After school program closed! 25* 86% humidity DP 22*
  3. Still nothing in Westbury LI.... 29* 45% humidity DP 10*
  4. North shore nassau districts are closed on LI. A few western nassau districts too. Going in should be fine but getting special needs kids home this afternoon is going to be a shit show. (Since im county-wide, we’re open...) (Ps we need about half if the 57 districts to close. So far only a quarter are closed. )
  5. All dependent on timing. Superintendents make the decision around 5am for delays and closings so if there's nothing on the ground yet there won't be a delay. Possibly a cancellation of after school activities which means I can leave at 2 instead of 4:30.
  6. So far nothing in the ways of delays/closings/early dismissals. We haven't used any snow days yet in Nassau but I think right now the issue since it is only winter weather advisories are posted and they're banking on an early change-over to rain.
  7. Well that was certainly something. Didn't take any video while driving but I couldn't see much driving home.
  8. "It is still unclear just how much snow will fall, but meteorologists say that it could be anywhere from an inch to a foot, according to the New York Post"
  9. I'm just lurking since I'm not getting a snow day out of this storm..
  10. I'm always hoping you guys get the snow days too! i always feel bad when we have off and you have to go in. (Thankfully I'm district based)
  11. That's absolutely true. It would have to either be a lot of snow on Sunday or snow overnight into Monday.
  12. Snowstorms on weekends so I don't get snow days...
  13. If I don't get a snow day out of this I'm gonna be pissed
  14. Welcome back! 33 and light snow in Westbury