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  1. I've been getting outside as much as i can even during class - the joys of a laptop. It has been gorgeous these past few days and im a happy camper! I'll take a few pics in the morning of my plants. They're very happy with this weather. Adiós Frank! Be good humans. This is the way.
  2. What a gorgeous morning! Get those windows open and spend as much time outside as you can safely! Be good humans. This is the way.
  3. I like the order of it - looks cool. However i hate going to the beach here because people are just plain rude - smoking, vaping, radios, stupidity. Id much rather hang out in my blow up pool with my cocktail and still be able to smell the ocean breeze. I live for the beach but sadly not happening for me this summer. The bike path should be done soon so I'm looking forward to my ass being kicked by that. Be good humans. This is the way.
  4. Everyone, the sky is blue and theres a ball of fire in it that i dont recognize. Also its warm enough to have my windows open. Theres other humans walking around too. Very confusing. Be good humans. This is the way.
  5. Cant wait for the email from central office.... Be good humans. This is the way.
  6. They'd probably wind up in kansas if you didn't. It's ridiculous by me. Be good humans. This is the way
  7. That's wonderful news! Very happy to hear that. Be good humans. This is the way.
  8. That's kinda shitty to say. I for one am not just home sitting on my ass. I'm missing my kids terribly and working with them online as best as can be done. I'm missing the money from second job. I'm stressing over my sister taking a 60% payout because her hotels are closed. Im stressing because my friends business may be lost forever and that is her last tie to her father. Be good humans. This is the way.
  9. I completely agree although at this point I can't see going back to work this school year and I'm super curious about what school will even look like in the fall. Happy Earth Day!! Be good to Mother Earth and get some COLD fresh air safely! Ok you hang up. 1...2... Be good humans. This is the way.
  10. Cant upload the video though - wicked thunder, lightning, rain and crazy wind
  11. About to go rufie myself in the closet. Very loud thunder here so far. Pouring, crazy wind
  12. Looks beautiful! Be good humans. This is the way.
  13. One of my most favorite movies!!! I definitely picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. I for one am glad to have the pause officially til 5/15. I can't imagine getting back in to my classroom anytime soon. Considering i work with a population that constantly comes to school sick, i wouldnt be comfortable at all. Be good humans. This is the way.
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