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  1. I hate to say it but its snow quiet outside. Eerie...
  2. The first rule of Jorge is you don't talk about Jorge.
  3. Well I guess I'll have to keep an eye on this since we're doing girls weekend in the city..... sad pants.
  4. That's about right however its a mini pizza and i only ate 3 slices. the rest is currently in the freezer. good thing i get 1 cheat day a week! Sun is out now.
  5. Currently pouring with thunder and lightning. Taking my pizza into the closet. Chicken ala vodka for those wondering.
  6. 59* ESE @ 18 and pouring. Watching EPL on the couch (actually moved from very comfy bed to comfy couch) then NFL, most definitely ordering pizza and will eventually morph into a potato. Happy sunday funday lovahs!
  7. Oh good now i won't feel bad laying on the couch in pjs watching football all day.
  8. I'll need video proof thank you very much.
  9. Well this looks to be a bit of fun. I'm guessing a no go for tomorrow nights game? I sure wouldn't want to be playing in that...
  10. Guys if you can go outside. The sunset is stunning (aside from the powerlines).
  11. I know we've been talking about the sheer disaster this storm is doing but holy fuck this is just unreal.
  12. Those guys are either the baddest mother fuckers on the planet or the sickest. Either way holy fuck.
  13. Just followed him on twitter... that's some shit for sure
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