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  1. I find it interesting that all these storms (whether rain or snow) are happening on the wknds.... which is fine by me because the less snow days we use, the longer i get for memorial day weekend.
  2. 29*/18* wind ssw @ 11. Light snow, small flakes sticking to grass and sidewalks
  3. Yea the news this morning said 2-4" for NYC metro. I think that's too high?
  4. This could be interesting. I'm only a few miles south of N. Blvd. I'll measure as best I can to how how close it comes.
  5. Omg weird we just posted the same topic at the same time....
  6. February of '18 hit close to 80. It was beautiful in the city and everyone was outside like it was june. Glorious day!
  7. Of course it would next sunday because im off next monday
  8. 59 and a wind advisory tonight/tomorrow. Windows open, heat off and i cleaned out the garage this morning! I'd be ok with this til april... Ps - snowblower is ready to go just in case.
  9. The dark grey pockets are exactly where i am! Maybe our faculty meeting will be cancelled....
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