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  1. It sure does and I'm the happiest girl in the land! State Ed is also canceling Regents for June which is freakin major. So very relieved for my kids because they've been freaking out about having to take the tests on top of everything else. Now for those of you that need it - GO OUTSIDE safely. It's a gorgeous day and the fresh air will do you good. For the other ones that need it, grab a cocktail and get some fresh air safely. Fire up the bbq, put on some music and be thankful we're even around right now. Be good humans. This is the way.
  2. Take care of yourself and get well soon! Be good humans. This is the way.
  3. Jeebus that is scary. I'm glad you pulled through. Be good humans. This is the way.
  4. How wonderfully precious!! Congratulations! Be good humans. This is the way.
  5. I like "your speed 6 ft apart" Ps I heard the ice cream man. Summer -and hope - is coming! Be good humans. This is the way.
  6. I apologize if this article was posted before, but I thought there was a discussion on here about possible multiple strains? https://www.yahoo.com/news/8-strains-coronavirus-circling-globe-182338255.html Be good humans. This is the way.
  7. Schools closed statewide til 4/15 as per Cuomo. Get some fresh air today if you can! It's glorious right now! Be good humans. This is the way.
  8. Put this together today and got a little sun while i was at it! Be good humans. This is the way.
  9. Funny you bring up Chernobyl. I grew up next to a power plant so that "incident" was pretty major for me (even though it was more than major). Anyway that's what I felt like when we were called in to grab anything we needed in our classrooms because we may not be back any time soon. I LOVE the last day of school - it's my absolute favorite - but something about that day being so abrupt was just not as fun as June 26th. It saddened me in a way i had not experienced. Staying home for me is usually my olympics! I miss my kids and my staff but not the actual getting up and going haha. I went in the other day to grab stuff and it was just my principal and head custodian - it was creepy as all get out - reminded me of people grabbing anything they could and hightailing it out. I just wish it was a bit warmer because now im extra impatient for warmth and sunshine. To those of you that are feeling this more severely than others - i get it. Please, please, please call mental health hotlines, talk to someone here (we're all a little off here anyway ) and know that there is hope for us eventually. Remember that you mean the world to someone even if you don't feel like it. Be good humans. This is the way
  10. Mine is the same except i run 10 feet and want to die. He would run all day if id let him. Omg... if that was my grandparents I'd lose my shit. These poor people.... Be good humans. This is the way.
  11. I just carried a school-sized laser printer upstairs and i very well may die. (don't ask) That shit was stupidly heavy. I am so out of shape its disgusting. We definitely need an exercise challenge in here somewhere... Be good humans. This is the way.
  12. Definitely. Mother Earth is less than pleased with us. Be good humans. This is the way.
  13. I'm curious to see when schools begin to open. NYC is closed until 4/20 (haha) yet Cuomo has said all schools closed til 4/1 and that is because NYC is obviously more densely populated but LI is pretty dense as well. When we left school last week the feeling was we wouldn't be back until after Easter break at a minimum with the thinking that we wouldnt be back at all. Be good humans. This is the way.
  14. Ive heard great things about him, namely his restaurants. Ive seen them in concert many, many times haha. I once had a seat 4 seats away from where he sang in the crowd.
  15. Wow I was so in love with him back in the day! Be good humans. This is the way.
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