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  1. Guys if you can go outside. The sunset is stunning (aside from the powerlines).
  2. I know we've been talking about the sheer disaster this storm is doing but holy fuck this is just unreal.
  3. Those guys are either the baddest mother fuckers on the planet or the sickest. Either way holy fuck.
  4. Just followed him on twitter... that's some shit for sure
  5. Stunning and heartbreaking. There really isn't any higher elevation for anyone to go to unless its a concrete raised structure and even then its dicey. I sure would love to be there though just to see it in action. There really isn't going to be much left on these islands and i can't even imagine what it'll look like after....
  6. This has been super interesting. Parents place in Ft. Pierce should be ok-ish. Hoping for some clearing at my spot on Exuma so that's less i have to do. However the amount of rain and wind that will come if he stalls over northern islands is definitely going to be a disaster. While the newer places built may fare better, the older buildings aren't going to be able to withstand that kind battering. My heart breaks for the northern islands. On the other hand i so selfishly would love him to swing up here and maybe close school for a day or 2. That would be super duper - and i could definitely get a few lessons out of all this....
  7. Please let it be sunny thursday! I've got tickets to bush/live/ourladypeace and we have wicked tailgating set up!
  8. Pouring sideways, wicked thunder and lightning and the sun is out.... on to my 2nd cocktail!
  9. Gorgeous day today - sunny, 85* and 35% humidity in the 'bury. Looks like it'll be a perfect night for a concert! I'll be at Forest Hills raving to the Chemical Brothers with clear to partly cloudy skies and light tot variable winds. Anyone else going? Ps - winter sucks.
  10. Enjoy everyone. Going to hide in my closet with a cocktail as usual... ps - ignore the beautiful nassau county power lines.
  11. Got close to 4" between last night and this morning. All of my big watering buckets are full and plants are flooded and happy. Windows are finally open!
  12. this is some shit. been getting slammed for over an hour. still thunder and lightning but decreasing a bit.
  13. You know it. Flash flood warning til 815....
  14. Insane lightning and some thunder, wind picking up. Currently hiding in my closet with a strong cocktail because thunderstorms at night terrify me to no end. Enjoy everyone and stay safe!
  15. Looking east in mid-nassau county. A lot of thunder but not much else. Big, puffy, dark clouds to the north. 91*/75*/63% feels like 103*
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