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  1. Looking east in mid-nassau county. A lot of thunder but not much else. Big, puffy, dark clouds to the north. 91*/75*/63% feels like 103*
  2. I love forest hills! I'll be there next week for Blondie and Elvis Costello Have fun and stay hydrated!
  3. Stunning day in the 'bury. Looks like spring, feels like spring, smells like spring. If every day was like this, I'd be in heaven.
  4. Of course because this is the first summer I'm not working....
  5. Thanks everyone! I guess I'll wait a bit longer. Im just completely impatient and want everything to be pretty and warm again.
  6. So we're done with the hard freezes then? If so then I can start the spring pruning since my tulips and daffodils are coming up...
  7. Kudos to her! I feel her pain haha. I teach HS special ed and all my kids are emotionally disturbed combined with multiple disabilities.
  8. That what my certification says but we use that term loosely. (and yes i knew you were kidding)
  9. I knew i should've videoed it! I can assure you it's legit since i did it in front of my very skeptical class. They'll call you out for everything.....
  10. My tulips and daffodils were already breaking through before the snow. If it stays cold/snowy though the end of the month I don't think the blooms will be all that great...Gonna be a tough call as to when stuff can be pruned too.
  11. Not enough to close schools for me. 8 nassau districts closed last night. About 3.5 otg. Neighborhood isnt plowed but we’ll see what happens so its possible they close layer. Back to bed for me for a bit....
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